Quality Systems International (QSI) is a global leader of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and related laboratory software and technologies. The company’s flagship product, WinLIMS™, is one of the most powerful LIMS systems available that is ready to use, out-of-the-box. WinLIMS is used by leading companies and organizations throughout the world in their product development and quality assurance operations. The flexible, standard features of WinLIMS software combined with professional implementation and support enables WinLIMS to operate in virtually any organization using a laboratory to test the quality and safety of their products, to develop new products, or to ensure safe environmental conditions. QSI offers a series of industry specific pre-configured solutions for the environmental, chemical, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, public service, cosmetic, automotive, as well as other industries.


At QSI we work harder and smarter for you, to ensure that our software solutions for your laboratories provide all the benefits and results you expect, and more. Being independent, we maintain our position and competitive edge by providing top quality products, and outstanding service.

Our LIMS product, WinLims, is the most feature rich “Out of the Box” solution in the market place. Our support services have been shown by the LIMS Watch Survey to be of the highest standard. Our confidence in our products and services has enabled us to offer WinLIMS on a no-risk rental basis — a revolution in the industry, ensuring our unique LIMS technology is now within the reach of even the smallest laboratories.

About QSI

Quality Systems International is a leader in the supply of innovative software solutions to the laboratory market. This is our total business, making us smaller but more focused than many of our competitors for whom software is a single division, and we are building on our success.

We are proud of our reputation for providing quality products and outstanding service, to customers who range from small contract labs to major corporates, in varied industry sectors, who work with QSI on a global basis.

QSI believes that the use of evolving technologies will revolutionise working practices within the laboratory, and unchain technicians from their clipboard and desktop PCs. We envisage intelligent software continuing to promote the integration of technology within the laboratory.

Our commitment to continued innovation is reflected in our ongoing investment in research and development, undertaken in collaboration with QSI divisions in USA, Germany, France, Netherlands and Australia. We are constantly exploring and assessing new technologies thereby advancing the capabilities of our software products on all platforms.

QSI measures success not only by the numbers of systems sold, but also by the expansion of computing technologies within our client sites and the freedom of growth and invention that this brings.



WinLIMS Bridge Module - Instrument Interfacing Module Software

As its name implies, the WinLIMS.NET Bridge is a tool (API) that allows WinLIMS.NET to tightly integrate with external systems and instruments in a controlled and audited manner. The Bridge allows the creation and update of samples, analytical results and virtually any other type of information used by WinLIMS.NET that originates from external sources such as ERP systems, process control systems, analytical instruments, Excel spreadsheets and ...

VersaLIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

VersaLIMS is Quality Systems International’s new powerful yet economical, modular self-contained Laboratory Data Management System (LDMS) that delivers professional data management for small to medium sized labs. The VersaLIMS base system includes a PC, barcode reader, barcode printer and the core VersaLIMS software which provide sample and result management along with more than 30 pre-configured reports. Because it is based on the powerful and ...


Chemical Manufacturing and Mining Industry Product

WinLIMS.NET™ is equipped to accommodate virtually all of the needs of laboratories within the Chemical and Mining industries right Out-Of-The-Box. The system's powerful functionality, configurable nature, the system's accessibility and simplified management makes it an ideal tool which is why so many labs within this industry sector have selected WinLIMS.NET™ over all others. The configurable tools that interface to 3rd party ERP (e.g. ...

LIMS Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

WinLIMS.NET is the world's largest supplier of LIMS within the Food & Beverage industries. The configurable nature and Standard WinLIMS.NET Features that accommodate GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) makes WinLIMS ideal.


System Integration Services

Most companies today face increasing demand for system integration; the goal being to share data securely and immediately without duplication of effort or error. The most common system integration requirements for WinLIMS include the following.

Instrument Interfacing Services

One of the key ways to add efficiency and accuracy to your laboratory is by interfacing your instruments. The instruments that are used within laboratories range from simplistic 'dumb' instruments that simply output a number to instruments that include data management software that can communicate with external systems (such as WinLIMS.NET) in a bidirectional manner. The most important thing to know is that QSI has NEVER encountered an instrument that ...



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