Contamination Solutions - you have measured for them, you found them, now what do you do? Radiant Industrial is a disinfection solution expert for the food and beverage industries. Radiant builds disinfection solutions around your process, improving your product quality, improving production flow, never reducing time to process, always increasing product quality. Reach total disinfection control with Radiant Disinfection Solutions.

About Us


Providing technology solutions for contamination control, Radiant Industrial Solutions or you may know us as Radiant UV is your industry leader in sanitary solutions through disinfection technologies. Known for Ultraviolet, Radiant continues to provide application specific solutions to clients.

Radiant Market segments include

  • Beverage Processing
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • OEM
  • Food Processing
  • Healtchare
  • Commercial
  • Custom Manufacture
  • Packaging
  • Critical Care
  • Municipal
  • Government

Focused on the application of Ultraviolet, UV Light, Ozone, and Filtration Radiant is providing disinfection and curing solutions to many markets. We do not list our customers on our site as most clients of Radiant consider the solutions provided through UV or other techniques to be proprietary. The disinfection and curing solutions provided by Radiant are application specific and integrated to the current customer process. Ultraviolet Light, Ozone, and other technologies are considered dangerous when not applied correctly. A great amount of effort is spent on application and design.

The personnel of Radiant include technicians, management, and ownership with a combined experience well over 125 years. Radiant Industrial Solutions was formed in 2002, in 2005 Radiant became a commercial service and solution provider which has extended throughout the years to a global reach.

Our story began in 1989 working in the Ultraviolet custom manufacturing industry. Anything UV, we built it. Since 2005 we have focused on the disinfection and custom curing solution markets. Our focus is to provide technology solutions for contamination control.

We specialize in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semi Conductor, Medical, and curing markets. With our versatile background in UV, we have been in the forefront of defining and maintaining air disinfection through filtration and UV technology. The effect of UV light to airborne contaminants has been 'Black Box' technology. You will find Radiant Industrial Solutions will provide the information and controls needed to comprehend the technology and application requirements.

The key to UV technology is maintenance. With proper service and preventive maintenance, we have extended equipment life for our customers up to 20 years. We are proud to be able to provide manufactured goods that are built in the USA and have never been shorted on quality.

Radiant provides application design, industry compliance verification, regulatory compliance, customer application testing, installation, user training, service, and support. We are excited to share our knowledge with you and gain a respective place as your UV Solution provider. Please call upon us for your Ultraviolet needs.


Disinfection Solutions

Product Offering:

Water and Liquid Applications

  • Industrial Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Bio-Pharmaceutical
  • Municipal Waste Water
  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Commercial Dialysis
  • Commercial Institutions
  • Commercial Pool
  • Application Specific Designs
  • Direct UV Replacements
  • Product Repair
  • Dialysis Specific Products
  • Disinfection from 2GPM to 2MGD
  • Ozone Destruct
  • Chlorine Destruct
  • Ozone Generation

Air Quality and Surface Exposure

  • Medical, Operating Room and TB Specific
  • Direct Exposure
  • Indirect Exposure
  • HVAC Disinfection and Sterilization
  • Industrial Liquid Sugar / Syrup Storage
  • Food Processing Disinfection
  • Specialty Exposure Applications
  • Industrial / Commercial Filtration

Printing and Curing

  • Specialty Curing Applications
  • Retro-fit to existing conveyor
  • Application specific designs

Services Offered

  • On-Site Service Programs
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • Emergency Service Programs
  • Existing System Repair and Upgrades
  • Operation Consulting
  • Application Design
  • Technology Comparative Review
  • Current Operation Review to Design Spec


Radiant - Always Fresh For Clean Air

The Always Fresh product line offers clean air solutions through various technologies depending on the application requirement. Providing clean air solutions, odor removal, chemical removal, disinfect microbial contamination. Clean Air for every application through Filtration and Ultraviolet Removing dirt, odor, and chemical VOC contamination.

Radiant - LOC System

The Radiant LOC system is designed to offer controlled disinfection of surfaces within a confined space or room. The typical application of this system can be seen in Hospitals, Laboratories, Food process plants, and high traffic areas.


Support / Field Service

The service component of Radiant is one of the most valuable tools for our customers. The service provided offers support and training for most UV, Ultraviolet, Ozone systems in the market. The equipment at a user site with determine the field service needed. The use of UV technology within most application requires the implementation of controls and support. Radiant offers both new equipment and field service to support the technology use. Radiant is ...


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Air and Climate

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Globally (various continents)

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