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Mounting Systems

RainWise - Model Monopod - Sensor Support System

The Monopod sensor support system provides a sturdy prewired mounting for RainWise sensors that can be installed with a minimum of site preparation.

RainWise - Model S4 - Permanent Sensor Mount

The RainWise Permanent Sensor Mount consists of an anodized aluminum mast fastened by a weather-proof coupling to a PVC base that includes an integral NEMA 4X electronic enclosure. The enclosure can accept several sensor mounting options and the wind sensor mounts on top of the mast.

RainWise - Model MOUNT - Mast and Sensor Mount

The RainWise Mast and Sensor Mount consists of a rugged steel mast fastened with a weatherproof coupling to a NEMA 4X electronic enclosure. The mount can be furnished with several sensor mounting options in addition to the wind sensor support.

RainWise - Pod-Galvanized Steel Tripods

The RainWise tripods are fabricated from 1 1/4 inch diameter 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing.

RainWise - Model FLRF - Non-Penetrating Flat Roof Mount

This Flat Roof Mount provides a simple secure method of mounting a wind speed and direction sensor without penetration of the roof surface.

5 Products found
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