RCRA - Model BBQ - Charcoal for Traditional Style Cooking

BBQ Charcoal is perfect for BBQ's and many forms of traditional style cooking as well as open fireplaces and other forms of fire heating. The pieces of charcoal are sized at an average of between 1- 7 centimetres long, although smaller pieces can occur as a result of transporting the product. This product is used in...

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Carbon8 - Top Dress for Lawns

Top dress your lawns and keep them green this summer with Carbon8. Features: Reduces moisture loss. Promotes stronger more resilient growth. Gives a deeper green colour to your lawns. Reduces the necessity for fertilisers. Adds carbon to your soil. Assists in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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RCRA - Chunky Charcoal Used for Cooking

Chunky Charcoal is charcoal pieces bigger than 7 centimetres. This product is an excellent source of long burning heat. It may be used for cooking or warmth in a brazier, fireplace or internal heating stove, or when camping as a fuel source for an open fire. This product is currently used in Tandoori style ovens in...

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