Dynasil Corporation of America sold the Navigator and Lead Paint Detector product lines in 2013. Please follow the links below for further information on these products.

About Us

With a long heritage built on a continuum linking science, research and technology, Dynasil Products has a strong commitment to innovation and a successful track record of bringing technology to market.  Founded in 1977 as RMD Instruments, Dynasil Products is now Dynasil Corporation’s principle Products and Technology business unit and has been re-engineered to accelerate the pace of commercialization through organic programs, licensing and acquisitions.  Using our proprietary Product Realization Process, we are building the foundation for enhanced product development, engineering and management capabilities for those technologies chosen for commercialization.

Our collaboration with Dynasil’s research business, Radiation Monitoring Devices, will continue to prove an important source of new technologies with commercial potential.  RMD and Dynasil Products are working closely together on the evaluation and development of future product opportunities.  Additionally, Dynasil Biomedical’s technology portfolio, acquired in March of 2011, has been incorporated into the Dynasil Products’ pipeline for further development.

Additionally, Dynasil Products’ growth fueled through organic programs is marked by our current efforts to improve the features and functionality on all of the existing product lines which emanated from our research activities; these include the handheld XRF lead paint analyzer, the Navigator medical probe and the RadCam radiation imaging system. Next generation ideas are also being developed.

Dynasil Products is a global company with more than 50 distribution partners in North America, EMEA, Oceania and Asia.


Model LPA-1 XRF - Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer

The LPA-1 is a state-of-the-art Lead Paint Analyzer using X-Ray Florescence (XRF) and K-Shell technologies, providing readings in as little as 2-4 seconds. It is widely considered the fastest, most reliable lead inspection system today. Non-destructive testing for lead on painted surfaces. Fast, efficient and easy to use testing device. Completes readings in 2-4 seconds. No preparation needed. Simply test on the surfaces in question: doors, window ...

Gamma-Neutron - Model CLYC - Scintillation Standard Detectors

CLYC is the first practical gamma-neutron scintillation detector for use as a replacement for both medium resolution gamma-ray detectors and Helium-3 proportional counter tubes for neutron detection. The ease of using Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) for neutron detection, combined with better gamma-ray resolution than NaI or CsI, make the CLYC detector an ideal solution for several classes of handheld instruments, including personal radiation ...


RadCam - Gamma Radiation Detector

The Dynasil RadCam precisely and rapidly locates gamma radiation sources by acquiring and superimposing a color-coded nuclear image over a video image of the interrogated area. The system is designed for harsh-environment field use and includes a ruggedized lap-top computer.

LPA - Version 1 - Report Generation Software

The LPA-1 analyzer and its comprehensive, universally applicable lead paint Report Generation Software (RGS) allow the inspector to go from inspection to report in a very short period of time. The software is included in the LPA-1 instrument package and upgrades are free for as long as you own the instrument.

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