Recycling Equipment RRT Design & Construction is a leading provider of services and products for solid waste processing systems and recycling facilities. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience has made RRT an authority in the industry. RRT is your ONE-STOP Resource for Innovative, Successful Processing System Solutions for the Solid Waste, Paper and Recycling Industries.

About Us

RRT Design & Construction (RRT), located in Melville, New York, has engineered and constructed for the benefit of owners and operators, more recycling facilities and solid waste processing facilities than probably any other company in North America.  RRT is the trade name of Enviro-Services & Constructors, Inc.


RRT provides you, the municipal or industrial customer, comprehensive project management, engineering, construction and operation services in a turnkey package.  This is one-stop shopping.  The expertise you receive extends largely in the field of solid waste recycling as well as related areas such as composting, ash metals recovery, scrap plastics processing, construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing, landfill gas recovery, glass cullet processing and recovered paper sorting.  We share with you our expertise and innovation of process systems and material handling to grow your productivity and profitability.

RRT's outstanding leadership and significant technologies have been recognized consistently by government and private industry.  For over 11 years, we have provided our engineering and construction services resulting in over 60 facilities built in 20 states and Canada.  Today, our clients benefit from a unique combination of technical strength and project management services that are built from our continuing materials marketing expertise and operations and maintenance experience.

Corporate History

Since 1989, RRT has been a leading provider of services to the recycling and solid waste industry.  In 1995, the world's largest solid waste company acquired RRT to provide leadership and performance to its recycling line of business.  Following two years of intensified activities leading to significant results, including the acquisition of numerous companies, RRT was reorganized as an independent company again.



Separating Fiber and Commingled Containers

As a strong proponent of single-stream processing since its introduction to the industry, RRT continues to recommend and actively drive new and renovated facility operations to include or integrate this advanced method of processing. There is a definite momentum being realized by the industry in recent years. Clients are interested to consider the single-stream option because of its many benefits. Some have endorsed it as a requirement

Aerobic Digestors

Now a growing part of our business, RRT has successfully built a large number of facilities that prepare incoming wastes into a suitable feedstock for composting. Our experience includes both aerobic and anaerobic technologies and the necessary back-end equipment for screening.


Operations Management Services

Plant Operations. Distribution Logistics Analysis. Staff Development Training. Regulatory Compliance. Financial Analysis. Operations Modeling. Maintenance & Safety Programs. Commodities Marketing & Trading.

Project Management Services

We are dedicated to complete all our projects on schedule. In fact, there are numerous instances where we have completed the project weeks or even months ahead of schedule earning early completion bonuses. How is this possible? Very simply, RRT has a proven system that carefully and efficiently coordinates all the activities required for the project. One key aspect of this success is knowing what the activities are the details to get them done. RRT ...



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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

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