We plan and perform special underwater works - in deep water or in inaccessible locations world wide. Rockdump, Drillcut, Seabed, Dredging, Leveling, Intervention, Engineering, Excavation. We perform special underwater work tasks - removal or relocation of any type of seabed soil is our specialty. Operations are successfully carried out in deep water, difficult conditions and in areas with restricted access.

About Us

Seabed dredging and controlled flow excavation are seabed-related services which have become an integral part of any excavation activity or related operation carried out for the development, maintenance or decommissioning of Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy subsea fields.

A new name for an established global market leader
Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation is the new organization that has been formed from the integration of Scanmudring & Rotech Subsea into the Reef Subsea Group. Reef Subsea’s acquisition of Rotech Subsea, the world’s leading specialists in controlled flow excavation, in November 2011, combined with the precision dredging and excavation capabilities of Scanmudring, has created a global company with unmatched capabilities and skills in Seabed Dredging & Excavation services.

Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation’s clients include major Oil & Gas companies, as well as main contractors sub-contracting these tasks to specialized contractors.

Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation works independently from Reef Subsea companies and offers the same cost-based solutions to all its clients, whether they are from Reef Subsea Group or not.

From initial Seabed Preparation to Decommissioning through IMR services, Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation can offer the most extensive range of services throughout life of field services.

Typical Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation Services include:
Pipeline and Cable Lowering
Pipeline and Cable De-Burial
Seabed Preparation (e.g. prior to jack-up arrivals)
Freespan Rectification
Seabed Clearance for installation of habitats & modules.

A powerful combination
The potent mix of complementary capabilities that Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation can now offer is already providing significant added value to all aspects of their clients’ projects.

Their presence in key subsea markets in the North Sea, the Americas and South-East Asia also creates many benefits for clients in both the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy industries (see Contact us).

From unique precision seabed dredging…
Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation is a developer and operator of highly specialized and precise seabed dredging and excavation systems, Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation has developed specialized equipment in various sizes:
Scanmachine Scanmachine 04
Scandredge ROV manipulator
And our latest development the Ultra deep Scangrabber

They can be operated either by Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation’s highly experienced personnel (for the biggest systems) or by clients, top-tier contractors or operators.

…to state of the art controlled flow excavation
Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation’s patented subsea excavation tools are the ’state of the art’ in controlled flow excavation. They are the most powerful and controllable flow excavators on the market today, combining non-contact excavation with real-time control and gyroscopic stability. They excavate with a high velocity but a low-pressure column of water.

Key advantages:
A non-contact method of excavation providing high levels of safety for sensitive subsea structures and pipelines
Excellent performance in a wide variety of seabed materials, including stiff clay
Straightforward deployment with minimal deck space requirements
Speed and ease of mobilization - everything is designed to fit into 20’ containers, and has in the past been flown to several projects.

A unique range:
the Twin R2000 operating in 1.5m water depth
the T8000- the most powerful system to date –– can generate the effect of 8 cubic meters of water per second hitting the seabed, thus creating a strong excavation force able to break up stiff clays.
the T4000 - the most powerful system to date –– can generate the effect of 4 cubic meters of water per second hitting the seabed, thus creating a strong excavation force able to break up stiff clays.
To date Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation has completed more than 500 Projects worldwide.




The Scanmudring Umbilical / Wire emergency ( WC54 and WC054 ) Cutter is special designed for offshore use. The ScanCutter is remotely operated by a pneumatic control panel, preventing the need of personnel to stay close to the cutting area. This enables a safe cutting operation. Default cable length for the remote control panel is 8m, but can be extended if required. The ScanCutter can be powered either by vessel provided air pressure (max 8 bar) or ...


The Scanmachine is developed and operated by Scanmudring, The system consist of the unit itself , a control container, equipment container, welding container, sheave wheel and one umbilicals winch. The operation is controlled and monitored from the operating position in the control container.


Scanmudring Subsea dredging and excavation services

Services: * Subsea precision dredging * Leveling and modification of seabed * Rock dump and drill cut removal / relocation * Assistance and preparation for installation and decommissioning of platforms * Tool carrier for excavatior, cutting and others hydraulically controlled equipment * Pipeline and cable deburial in connection with maintenance work * Subsea construction and excavation task * Project planning and preparations * Limited special ...


MoS - Monitoring system

MoS provides the Scanmachine and Scancrawler operator with a virtual working environment by creating a 3D model of the machine and its position on a terrain model representation of the work location The working environment model can be defined based on survey data and a definition of how the location is to be modified. Existing features/structures can be visually represented as objects in MoS using known coordinates or confirmed by nozzle ...



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Service provider

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Oil, Gas & Refineries

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