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An Introduction to Groundwater Modeling Training

Groundwater modeling is an important part of many hydrogeologic projects, and MODFLOW and MT3D are the recognized standard in groundwater flow and solute transport modeling programs. MODFLOW and MT3D can be used to make a wide range of predictions about the groundwater flow system including the drawdown, yield and capture area for pumping wells, the time history for dewatering the groundwater surface for construction sites and mines, the distribution of...

Applied Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling using Visual MODFLOW

This 4-day applied groundwater modeling course was designed to present the theory behind MODFLOW-2000, MODPATH, Zonebudget, MT3D, SEAWAT and WinPEST, and to illustrate the practical development of groundwater flow and transport models using Visual MODFLOW Premium. This course introduces the modeling process including conceptual model development, numerical model implementation and model calibration. It alternates between lectures and lab exercises to...

An Introduction to Environmental Data Management

There is increasingly greater amounts of data available to characterize environmental problems. These data come in many different formats (hard copy reports, electronic databases, spreadsheets, field investigation results, …) which can make it difficult to integrate and analyze. The purpose of integrated environmental data management is to acquire, store and analyze environmental data to develop a conceptual hydrogeologic model of a site so...

Groundwater Software Online Training

SWS recognizes that budgetary constraints or a tight schedule can limit you from attending an open enrollment course. That is why we have introduced a series of online courses using webmeeting and conference calling technology, giving you the flexibility to learn from your home or office. Learn from knowledgeable instructors skilled at communicating key points which will allow you to use your SWS software more effectively.

Custom On-Site Courses

Custom on-site courses are courses that are designed by you. We will work with you to choose the material (lectures and labs) that suite your training needs. Once the course material has been finalized we will bring the course to your office(s) and present it to your employees in a familiar work environment which enhances the learning process and reduces costs allowing you to train more employees for a given training budget. We allow you to provide...

SWS Groundwater and Envrionmental Software Training

Educational Services; Over the past 15 years, our Training Services Division has been offering a range of educational courses for all levels of expertise. Our courses are designed to decrease the confusion typically associated with technical topics, and enhance the quality and reliability of your projects. All our courses include hands-on learning using the world’s most sophisticated software programs available. This approach gives our participants...

6 Training Results found
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