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Pipeline Industry - Vacuum Lifting

ELiTE - Lite Vacuum Pipe Lifter

This unique design was originally aimed at lower sized excavators, carrying our pipeline work in the communal sector. The extreme light Net weight coupled with a mere 76db sound level makes this a great solution for pipe or plate handling in built up urban areas. Due to popularity, this ELiTE version is becoming more and more popular with Side booms and other carriers/ applications.

ELiTE - Model 12TD/16TD - Vacuum Pipe Lifter (Tonnage-Diesel)

The EliTE vacuum pipe lifter is a fully self contained state-of-the-art vacuum pipe lifting attachment specially designed for the rigorous global pipeline construction sites of today. Manufactured according to the highest European and ASME standards the EliTE vacuum pipe lifter® delivers almost 90% vacuum (negative pressure) to the pipe surface at a speed of 1,5 seconds. A 280Ltr vacuum tank/ reservoir releases almost 0,9kg/cm² suction power...

ELiTE - Model 5TD/CD2 - New Vacuum Pipe Lifter

Now in marketing process, the NEW first ever, 2 cylinder water cooled vacuum pipe lifter with a SWL of 5000kg as first model. The 5TD/CD2 has a new state- of- the- art safety feature which prevents operators from accidently releasing a pipe during a lifting process. Visit this space again and shortly read up on the best vacuum pipe lifing concept ever produced...

ELiTE - Model 8TD - External Positioned Powerpack Vacuum Pipe Lifter

Pipe handling equipment_tool The NEW ELiTE 'LiTE' CD1, 8TD vacuum pipe lifter was engineered and designed as a two component material handler or tool for smaller sized excavators. The ELiTE LiTE vacuum pipe lifter recieved its name due to the extremely light weighted main body which is attached to the 'Stick/ boom arm' of the excavator with its low eight of 450kgs! The remaining 50% weight comprising of 1 cylinder diesel engine, vacuum pump and...

ELiTE - Model 12TE - Vacuum Pipe Lifter (Tonnage-Electric)

The ELiTE 12TE vacuum pipe lifter is an electrically driven vacuum based handling tool mainly used in the pipe manufacturing or/ and pipe coating sectors. This lifter can be delivered with a single central crane eye or optionally with two outer lifting eye points. Starting with a SWL of 12000kg, this unit moves to the heavier range of also 16000kg.  

ELiTE - Model 16TD - Vacuum Pipe Lifter (Tonnage-Diesel)

This heavy duty vacuum pipe lifter is capable of lifting pipe loads of up to 16000kg. Operating with a larger vacuum tank and vacuum pump the 16TD will safely lift any of the larger sized pipes produced on the global market. See data sheet for further information.  

Pipeline Industry - Hydraulic spreader bars

Hydraulic spreader bars for all sizes of concrete coated pipes

Spreader Bar Hydraulically Powered-Spreader Bars

Pipe lifting and handling equipment_tool The ELiTE SB 14 is our new state of the art heavy duty hydraulic spreader bar for lifting concrete coated pipes which cannot be lifted via vacuum technology. With a SWL of 14000kg this unit was designed and engineered for excavator applications. The handling tool is equipped with a center beam, hydraulic power rotator and two additional telescope extending arms which are driven by two topside mounted cylinders,...

General lifting - Steel coil hooks

We manufacture heavy steel coil hooks with lifting capacities from 20t up to 45t+

Steel Coil Hook - Lifting Capacity 40000kg

Simply supply us with your coil date being, dimensions and weight. Additionally we we require measurements of your largest crane hook. Based on this information we manufacture to reach your requirements. All hooks are manufactured accordng to CE standards

Steel Coil Hook - Lifting Capacity 45000kg

Simply supply us with your coil date being, dimensions and weight. Additionally we we require measurements of your largest crane hook. Based on this information we manufacture to reach your requirements. All hooks are manufactured accordng to CE standards

Ceramic clay pipe sewage Industry

We manufacture with more than 35 years experience, specialised custom designed equipment which allows our customers to achieve productivity rates and goals set. Reliable, efficient and second to none, we proudly serve a global platform.

Clay Pipe - Dipping And Glazing

Once ceramic clay (sewage) pipes have been dried they are transfered to a dipping and glazing section. This can be carried out fully or in a semi automated manor.

Clay Pipe - Extruder Section-Ceramic

Handling clay pipe in a 'green' status requires a great deal of experience and know-how Green pipes are soft clay pipes freshly extruded and extremely vunerable. We manipulate the pipes after cutting and cleaning of the spigot and socket end. We transfer the pipes from the extruder area to the drier cars for dry prosessing. Traditionally robotic pipe handling is most effective with pipes from DN150 up to DN300SS. Pipes lengths from 1000 - 2000mm.

Clay Pipe - Introducing Pipe Sealing To Socket And Spigot

It is extremely important that stone clay pipes are water-tight sealed in order to prevent and environmental sewage polution. Various pipe seals can be utilised pending the market that is being targeted. A system that we offer is based on the 'K' pipe sealing. This type sealing is a mixture of chemical materials stored inside daily working containers. The material is stored at a defined temperature and released on demand by an operator. The...

Clay Pipe - Transportation - Priming Prior To Sealing Socket And Spigot

On completion of the pipe firing application pipes need to be sealed at both spigot and socket ends. Before this to happens they first need to be off- loaded from the kiln cars and transfered onto a conveyor. Depending on the pipe size, this can be carried out via Robot or other handling methods. The conveyor track assembly is fully automated and selects none and saleable pipes. Defect none saleable pipes are rejected and depart via a secondary lane...

Clay - General Pipe Handling Equipment

We have numerous handling equipment from fully automatic tools for robot installation or semi-automatic and basic manually operated lifting equipment.

Clay Pipe - Conveyor Transportation Methods

Pipes can be transfered from section to section by means of sturdy conveyor assemblies. This section shows large diameter pipes being positionsed/ lifted from horizontal to vertical positions for further pipe processing.

Clay Pipe - Kiln Car Loading

Once the pipes have completed dipping and glazing, they are transfered further and loaded onto Kiln cars which then transfer the pipes onwards to the Kiln oven for firing. various lifting methods will be utilised pending the size OD and weight of the pipes being manufactured.

Misc. Industry

All Lifting Equipment

We manufacture a vast range of high quality lifting equipment: Powered by vacuum. Pneumatic. Hydraulics.

Power Generators

A whole range of open or silenced powered generators to fit your individual requirements. Diesel or gasoline/ petrol. Stationary or mobile. High and low out-put. From 0,1kVA to 650kVA Twin. Larger units on request.

Pipeline Industry - Hydraulic Handling

ELiTE - Model HYD-SB-14 - Hydraulic Spreader Bar

A new state-of-the-art hydraulic spreader bar concept for large sized excavator applications. The characteristics of some concrete coating do not allow for a safe pipe lift when utilising vacuum pipe lifters regardless of vacuum sealing types available.


Vacuum Pipe Lifting Manipulator

Ceramic clay pipe: Vacuum pipe lifting manipulator; 4 previously cut sections of DN 160 chimney flue pipe sections are lifted via vacuum power. Note below that we also take into account that the set ring is also lifted with a specially designed pinch arm mechanism which is activated by the operator via push buttons for open and close. The manipulator centralises its lifting point automatically and is extremely light to operate. Further push button...

Pneumatic Pipe Lifting Manipulator

Heavy vitrified clay pipe is collected from a polyurethane processing assembly (socket/ spigot sealing) and transported vertically via a pneumatically powered grip and lift pipe lifting manipulator too a conveyor band. The ergonomic and easy to operate clay pipe manipulator deletes the requirement to lift pipe by hand. The Schoenbeck manipulator grip and lifting handling tool will not damage either inner or outer surface areas and are fitted with push...

Robotic Vacuum Chimney Stack Lifter

This fully programmed robotic vacuum lifting tool is ideal for rapid productivity rates resulting in zero operator manpower. Expertise and experience are the foundations for our products. 40 x 40cm chimney stack sections are rapidly lifted from one position to the other without damage or time lapses unless the incorporated sensors indicate otherwise.

22 Products found
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