Scintec develops, manufactures and markets advanced atmospheric sensors using optical, radiowave and acoustic techniques. Customers include research institutes, government agencies, defence forces, airports and industry worldwide.Superior concepts and reliable engineering have led to an exceptional growth in an increasingly demanding market. Today, Scintec has gained global recognition in innovative remote sensing technology.


Scintec - SLS20 - Scintillometer

The Scintec SLS20 Scintillometer measures turbulence, heat flux and momentum flux by purely optical means. In combination with other meteorological sensors the system can determine latent heat flux or evaporation.

LAP3000 - Radar Wind Profiler

The LAP3000 is a Doppler beam swinging wind profiler that reliably provides continuous and real-time vertical profiles of horizontal wind speed and direction and vertical velocity up to 3 km above ground level (agl). This version operates at a frequency of 1290 MHz.


Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


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