Senscient is a manufacturer of Open Path Gas Detection systems using a new, proprietary SimuGas(TM) technology to meet the growing demand for more accurate and repeatable gas detection and measurement in a number of markets - from safety to process control and environmental monitoring. Senscient technology is all about providing better protection of people, capital plant and the environment. With SimuGas(TM), Senscient has invented an innovative process for increasing the sensitivity and selectivity to a wide range of gas compounds offers a remarkable solution for reducing risk in industry and commerce. Applications areas include monitoring in and around refinery and chemical process plants, within process monitoring for quality control and continuous emissions monitoring for regulatory compliance.

About Us


Senscient was founded in January 2004 by Mr. Lee Richman, to develop, manufacture and market advanced gas detection products for industrial safety, environmental monitoring and process control / analysis applications. The technology developed by Senscient to meet the demands of these applications is 'Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy', a truly revolutionary gas detection and measurement technology.

The advantages of ELDS™ technology compared to the currently available gas detection technologies include open path detection of both toxic and flammable gases by a single unit, remote electronic functional testing of detectors (SimuGas™), no un-revealed failure modes, high sensitivity, and significantly reduced installation and maintenance costs.

Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) is protected by a strong IPR portfolio, including four UK patent applications and a consolidated international patent application. Senscient's ELDS patent portfolio was reviewed by the UK Patent Office as part of The Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI's) assessment of the company's application for a SMART Research & Development (R&D) Grant. This review contributed to Senscient winning a SMART R&D Grant in July 2004, to ‘Prove Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy for the Sensitive Detection of Hazardous Gases'. This R&D project has enabled Senscient to prove its ELDS technology and to move forward with product commercialization in 2008.

Safety is everyone's business, and our Commercialization Partners are helping us to help future Senscient customers gain new reliability in plant and facility monitoring. THANK YOU to participating Senscient ELDS Trial Partners, including Shell E&P USA, BP Alaska, Enterprise Products, Conoco Phillips Alaska, Lyondell Refining, Shell UK, Shell E & P USA, BP Illinois, Exxon Mobil, Baytown TX, DOW Ternuzen, Valero, Petrobras Brazil, Shell NAM.

The Senscient Team - Innovation + Expertise + Market Savvy

Mr. Richman, Senscient's Managing Director, has extensive experience in the design, regulatory approval, manufacture and support of gas detection equipment. He is joined by a number of experienced personnel from within the gas detection industry, many of whom have worked together as a team in the past. The Senscient team has a very clear vision of the future of line-of-site gas detection and are determined to bring products to market to significantly improve the way our customers protect property and personnel.


Senscient ELDS - Model OPGD Series 1000 - Hydrogen Fluoride

Reliable, open path detection of hydrogen fluoride at levels low enough to provide early warning for leakage of this toxic gas. Detection Limits for hydrogen fluoride leak detection are orders of magnitude lower than any other OPGD product. Specific detection of Hydrogen Fluoride without any cross interference from any other gases virtually eliminates false alarms. True ease-of-installation, with vibration and misalignment tolerant optics. SimuGas ...

Senscient ELDS - Model OPGD Series 2000 - H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Detector

Reliable, open path detection of hydrogen sulfide at levels low enough to protect personnel from the toxic hazard. Faster response than any other hydrogen sulfide detection technology. No need to replace or re-calibrate sensors. True ease-of-installation, with vibration and misalignment tolerant optics. SimuGas feature provides ability to accomplish on-demand, remote functionality testing right from the control room or PLC! 316L Stainless steel ...


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