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Shenzhen Filter Technology Co., a research and development, trade and services of high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of filter consumables and equipment. In my company many years of practical experience, through the introduction of advanced management and technology, a reasonable allocation of corporate resources dedicated to the optimization of the feasibility of the product, making our products more reasonable, more personalized.

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The company mainly produces PP / PE filter bags, nylon filter bags, oil oil filter bags, filter bags electrophoresis electroplating, food and beverage filter bags, filter bags, ink painting, paint filter bag, frame filter cloth, centrifugal filter bags, stainless steel filter, pleated filter, wound filter cartridge, PP melt blown filter, air filter, filter powders, high-temperature dust bags, stainless steel filters and other products.

Major service sectors: electronics, food and beverage, petrochemical, paint, resins, coatings, inks, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, metal processing, mining, power, light industry, ship, food, medical and other fields.

The company always adheres to implement a people-oriented, market-oriented, high-quality services, strategic approach, focusing on the actual industrial process problems faced by the source, relying on extensive industrial application of knowledge and technology, to design effective and lasting solutions and implemented.


Nylon Monofilament Filter Bags

Nylon filter bag is no deformation of the nylon spinning woven into the net, in accordance with the specifications specified after heat setting to become a single mesh; at the same time suitable for high impurity content of liquid filtration, such as reducing the cost of filtering; nylon filter bags accuracy of 20 mesh and -800 mesh (15U-840μm).

Wound Filter Cartridge

The wound filter cartridge is a deep bed filtration with a filter for the filtering of low viscosity, low impurities, which is specific winding process, textile yarn winding wound on a different material from the porous skeleton. The kinds of products using the tight loose structure, with a good deep bed filtration effect, winding control winding density filter pore characteristics (pattern) that is made of different filter of filtering accuracy.

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Internationally (various countries)


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