SiGa-Tech is a Polish engineering firm, which offers modern solutions in environmental protection. It specialises in designing, manufacturing, assembling and start-ups of both complete sludge management installations as well as recovery and reuse of renewable sources of energy - in particular biogas. SiGa-Tech is producer of gas domes, over pressure valves, glass windows, PP filters, scrubbers, H2S removal plants, biogas dryers, condensate traps, siloxanes removal stations, gasholders, biogas flares/ torches, sludge heat exchangers - complete biogas line devices.


Pressure Increasing Station

Stations serve to biogas pressure increasing. All installation is placed inside artificial container housing, equipped with doors with proximity detectors and full scope of ICA for gases detection. Internal installation pipes are made using high quality stainless steel material. Pressurising points are equipped with modem fans or blowers and additional fittings which allow flexible, economical and reliable facility operation.

Double Membrane Aasholdets

Double membrane, with internal storage membrane and second - external which protects against disadvantageous influence of atmospheric effects and allows to keep stable biogas network pressure. Equipped with ultrasound level sensors and transmitters,fans blowing the air between membranes, glass windows and regulation valves for pressure control systems. Gasholders with membrane volume from 20 up to 19 000m3. with diameters from 3.8 up to 35m and ...


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