SiGa-Tech is a Polish engineering firm, which offers modern solutions in environmental protection. It specialises in designing, manufacturing, assembling and start-ups of both complete sludge management installations as well as recovery and reuse of renewable sources of energy - in particular biogas. SiGa-Tech is producer of gas domes, over pressure valves, glass windows, PP filters, scrubbers, H2S removal plants, biogas dryers, condensate traps, siloxanes removal stations, gasholders, biogas flares/ torches, sludge heat exchangers - complete biogas line devices.


Model Type UB and UB/DP - Gas Domes

Gas domes produced as flow trough device, whole made of stainless steel. Assembled on digester/ anaerobic reactor connection flange. Supporting grid for polypropylene bed is located at the bottom of dome. PP rings are used for biogas pretreatment and scum stop during emergency situations. Inspection manhole is placed on the top of dome - if access to measuring devices or to bed material is necessary. Element of gas dome is also chimney, which can be ...

Condensate Removal Devices

Condensate network traps: Assembled at the lowest biogas network points. Produced as different type and system: with suction pipe, suction pipe and internal condensate loop, with internal overflow system as low and high pressure device. Whole trap made of stainless steel.


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