Since 1993 Simpec works in the design, construction, installation and service of industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. Simpec works for all the industries that use and consume water in their different production processes. Simpec realizes also plants for landfills (leachate treatment), plants for zootechnical effluents and for digestate treatment coming from biogas production. Simpec constructs also treatment plants for third waste disposal. With over 600 plants deployed all over the world, Simpec is a leader in water treatment. With over 30 years of specific industry experience, Simpec personnel guarantee the deployment of treatment plants made-to-measure on the customers’ real technical and economic needs.

About Us

Quality, reliability and security are the final result of the strong customer orientation. Simpec is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified in the fields of technical design and construction. The company works following UE legislation and rules and lows of the destination countries. Simpec research and development investments spearhead the effort to supply customer with solutions to complex water treatment problems with best available technologies. The company provides “pilot plants” to test treatment solutions at the customer premises or at home. To continuously monitor plants and assist customers in plant management, Simpec designs and installs remote control unites.


Ion Exchange Resin Plants

Ion exchange resin plants usually consist of a cationic resin treatment section and an anionic resin treatment section. These resins have activated functional groups, that are able to exchange their ions with ions of the same charge contained in the solution they are in contact with. Cationic resins eliminate cations and anionic resins eliminate anions. Using cationic and anionic resins mixture, Simpec providesultrapure demineralized water ...

Water and Wastewater Depuration Plant

Water and wastewater depuration is guaranteed by a whole of technologies and processes that are necessary to eliminate the pollutants. Simpecconstructs two kind of waste water treatment plants: chemical-physical plants and biological plants. In different situations the two plant solutions, can coexist for the effluent treatment. Cleaned water can be discharged or, if it's possible, it could be used again in the productive processes with the ...


Primary And Process Water

Simpec designs and constructs incoming and process water treatment plants for industries. Our company produces also water potabilization and filtration treatment plants for human consumption.

Chemical Storage And Preparation

Secure chemical products storage, Dosing systems, Automatic preparation units, Manual preparation units, Powders storage units, Anti-powder system devices, Transfer system, Big-bag emptying system, Scrubber for fumes and gas treatment, Mixing system, Storage tanks, Security leakage tanks, Operator protection devices.




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