SIPEKO Sp. z o.o. deals with production of foil product i.e. bags on garbage, bags on economic wastes, bags on rubble, bags for selective muster of waste, sleeves, semi-sleeves, tapes LD-PE. We build products our with utilization of material recycling PE-LD and PE-HD. Offering is our purpose about high qualitative parameters in possible bargain level clients of products. We own convenient commodities confectioned in offer in application in house also facilitating maintenance clearness, office and plant of work.

About Us

Sipeko company was established in 2004. Since the beginning we are concentrating on the production and sales of pro-ecological garbage bags made of LD-PE, HD-PE,MD-PE and LLD-PE film.

Currently we are supplying Polish and European market with over 3000 tons of bags annually. Our bags are present in households, workplaces offices, institutions, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.


We create products for the individual requirements of our customers, our bags are tailor made, reliable and safe to use. We analyse the needs of our customers, selecting the appropriate parameters of the goods: size, thickness, colour, type and strength of film and confectioning style.

Our bags are made with special care of the natural environment – not to increase the general amount of waste produced. Around 90% of raw materials for film production originate from carefully selected recyclables obtained through modern processes for recovering film waste – originally destined for landfills. All our products are re-recyclable. In selected products we use d2w additives which enable the production of oxo-biodegradable bags with programmable decomposition time.

The film of carefully selected recyclable origin is characterised by very good resistance to puncture and stretching. Other advantages include strong and durable seal and practical, easy to detach perforation. Quality policy used by SIPEKO guarantees full repeatability of production and ensures that final product meets customer’s expectations.

Precisely selected raw materials guarantee its low usage with appropriate quality level. For us and our strategy attractive garbage bag is the one that fulfils individually specified expectations of our customers with relatively low purchase costs. We put great care in the quality of our products and the budgets of our customers.


Classic String Bag

Features: strong, durable, tailor made. Classic bags, traditional with draw string to tie attached to the bottom. After filling with waste string is detached and is used for reliable tie-up, thus preventing the content from falling out. Waste content is safely transported to the landfill. Confectioning style – bags on a roll with practical perforation.

Comfort Drawtape Bag

Features: strong, durable, safe. Bags for more demanding customers, closing type – draw tape located in the top. Very comfortable and safe to use. Waste can be re-closed with draw tape no matter the filling rate, thus enabling moving from place to place. When completely filled, bags can be tied-up to secure the content. Confectioning style – bags on a roll with practical perforation.




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Internationally (various countries)


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