SKIMOIL INC. is a specialty design/custom manufacturer-builder, and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems. We specialize in all types of industrial oil skimmers and oil water separators. With just a few exceptions almost everything we do touches on oil somehow.


Fixed Rotary Drum Skimmer

These drum skimmers float on the surface, sealed flotation makes it unsinkable. The drums are motor driven (by air or hydraulics) and turn slowly attracting the oil to its surface and rotating around to the wiper blade which scrapes the floating oil off and it runs into the sump area, where it is picked up by pump suction and transferred to storage.

ShoreVAP Wastewater Evaporation

A 'variable wild card' in wastewater treatment might work for your operations, depending on the type of waste stream and the volumes involved. Evaporation might allow you to GREATLY reduce or even eliminate the water portion of your wastewater stream. Evaporation can ELIMINATE the potential for some of the downstream and 'cradle-to-grave liability' and provides an easily adapted, quick and clean method for disposal or reduction of many aqueous waste ...

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Water and Wastewater

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Globally (various continents)

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