SKIMOIL INC. is a specialty design/custom manufacturer-builder, and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems. We specialize in all types of industrial oil skimmers and oil water separators. With just a few exceptions almost everything we do touches on oil somehow.


SkimOil - Diesel Fuel Filter Alert Remote Real-Time Display

Diesel fuel filters on workboats tend to clog fast with a bad load of fuel or in rough waters—right when you can’t afford it. If this happens while building a tow, or on approach to a lock or bridge or a harbor, you can get in trouble FAST, creating a critical safety hazard for all involved. The Fuel Filter Alert & Alarm System lets you avoid this common cause of power or engine failure.

Oil Content Monitor

The OCD CM is the result of market research and development of new technologies to produce a monitor that exceeds the existing standards and meets the requirements requested by customers and operators worldwide. The OCD CM has been specifically designed to eliminate the effects that cause false instrument alarms where the water contains high levels of solid particulates. In particular the unit has been designed to ignore the presence of iron oxide, of ...

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Water and Wastewater

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Globally (various continents)

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