SKIMOIL INC. is a specialty design/custom manufacturer-builder, and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems. We specialize in all types of industrial oil skimmers and oil water separators. With just a few exceptions almost everything we do touches on oil somehow.


FWS Floating Weir Skimmer

This is a simple floating well-proven oil skimmer that works with any pump that can pull suction. The unique FWS never needs manual adjustment. NEVER! The FWS skimmer is a surface skimmer. The FWS Floating Weir Skimmer is automatically self adjusting to your pump’s flow rate—meaning that by controlling your pump’s flow rate—you adjust the skim or cut off the surface from 1/8' to over 2' — automatically!

ConEVAP - Oil Water Separator for Compressor Condensate

Every day we are bombarded by the media with dire predictions concerning the greenhouse effect, the depletion of the ozone layer, the consequences of burning the rain forest and any number of other potential major environmental disasters. In most cases, the problem is of such magnitude we feel helpless in trying to solve the problem.

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


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