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Electropure EDI - Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Laboratory

SnowPure's EDI Modules for Pharmaceutical manufactuing, Water For Injection, Laboratories, and other applications where sanitization is required.

ExcellMembranes - High Technology Water Products

Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes™ products can be deployed across many markets and process applications.

Other Products from SnowPure Water Technologies

SnowPure offers OEMs a wide variety of other High Technology Water solutions.

DemandPure™ - RO & EDI Systems

SnowPure has designed small RO + EDI systems for dealers to sell into the light industrial market. These help extend the companies selling range of existing DI bottle service by enabling the installation of a continuous electrodeionization module that requires much less maintainence.

Electropure EDI - Semiconductor and Electronics

High-technology industries use ultrapure water in their manufacturing. SnowPure's components help sell pure water systems to semiconductor, electronics, solar panel, hard disk drive, glass lens, and flat panel display industries. These industries often require “ppt” (part-per-trillion) level impurities. EDI and UV-TOC are key technologies in these systems. SnowPure has been providing EDI technology to the electronics market since 1997. Our OEM customers have electronics installat


Single Point Level Sensors - Float Level Switches

General Purpose Pressure Switches

General Purpose Proximity Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Miniature Solenoid Valves - General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Continuous Level Transmitters

Fittings & Liquid Level Probes


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Biocides

Biological fouling is one of the most common reverse osmosis membrane system maintenance problems, typically resulting in a deterioration of product water quality and a reduction in membrane life. The use of membrane compatible biocides on reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane systems can be extremely effective in controlling biological fouling.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners

Identifying reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane foulants and selecting a formulated reverse osmosis cleaning chemical specific to the fouling characteristics of your system can maximize the effectiveness of a membrane clean and reduce cleaning frequencies.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Coagulants

Colloid and silt fouling are the major causes of loss in performance in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane separations systems. Using the proper RoQuest™ coagulant upstream of the RO is a critical step in reducing cleaning frequency.

Ancillary Products

In addition to the main reverse osmosis chemicals product line, Avista offer a small selection of ancillary products which may be required for efficient operation of a membrane system. These include chlorine scavenger, a salt rejection improvement aid and a range of line corrosion inhibitors. For hybrid systems, a thermal desalination plant antiscalant is also offered.

Cleaners For MF/UF Membranes

Micofiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes require regular cleans to maintain system performance. However, unlike spiral wound RO membranes which are ideally designed around a quarterly cleaning schedule, MF and UF systems are cleaned much more frequently. To mitigate costs, the industry commonly uses generic chemicals including: citric acid, chlorine, and caustic. Within certain limits, the wide variety of UF/MF membranes are generally compatible with these products and cleaning

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Antiscalants

The Vitec™ line of scale inhibitors was specifically formulated to aid the performance of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes in desalination and industrial water purification. These formulations have special features such as superior scale control, compatibility with other chemicals used on membrane systems, and superior dispersant capabilities to minimize colloidal fouling.


Medical Water - Portable Dialysis RO Systems

Life Science - Pharmaceutical Water Systems

BioScience - Filtration Technology

Medical Water - Central Dialysis RO Systems

61 Products found
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