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Electropure EDI - Semiconductor and Electronics

High-technology industries use ultrapure water in their manufacturing. SnowPure's components help sell pure water systems to semiconductor, electronics, solar panel, hard disk drive, glass lens, and flat panel display industries. These industries often require “ppt” (part-per-trillion) level impurities. EDI and UV-TOC are key technologies in these systems. SnowPure has been providing EDI technology to the electronics market since 1997. Our OEM customers have electronics installat

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ EXL-600 - Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

ELECTROPURE™ EXL-600 Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules are specifically designed as direct replacements for E-Cell MK-2 and MK-2E modules and lonpure LX-24 and LX-30 modules. They are configured to easily retrofit existing systems with added Electropure technology benefits, so the old troublesome E-Cell CONCENTRATE RECIRCULATION IS ELIMINATED.

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ EXL-700 - High Flow Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

New ELECTROPURE™ EXL-700 EDI modules are designed to be the highest flow Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules modules on the market. They are configured to easily build ultrapure water systems with the well-known Electropure™ EDI water technology benefits. Designed for either 1-Pass RO or 2-Pass RO.

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ XL-R - Industrial Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

ELECTROPURE™ XL-R modules is Electrodeionization (EDI) for Industrial applications used for producing high-resistivity Ultrapure water. They are configured to easily retrofit existing systems with added Electropure™ EDI technology benefits, so the old troublesome Dow Omexell and GE E-Cell; concentrate recirculation is eliminated.

SnowPure - Model ediPureSource™ - DC Power Supplies for Electrodeionization (EDI)

SnowPure has designed a modular DC switching power supply for its Electropure(tm) brand electrodeionization (EDI) modules. This economic & compact power supply is specifically designed for SnowPure's XL-400 (200VDC), XL-500 (300VDC), & EXL-600 (300VDC) Series.

Electropure EDI - Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Laboratory

SnowPure's EDI Modules for Pharmaceutical manufactuing, Water For Injection, Laboratories, and other applications where sanitization is required.

SnowPure - Model Zapwater™ - High Purity Laboratory Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

Electropure EDI technology has now been brought down in size. Zapwater™ Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules are designed for small countertop or wall-mount laboratory water deionization products, which produce ASTM Type I & II, or JIS A2 to A4 water.

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ XL-HTS - High Temperature Stable EDI

Key Benefits Include: Hot Water Sanitizable at 85°C / 185°F. Rapid Heat/Cool Cycle - up to 160 cycles. New High Temperature FDA Urethane Materials. Sanitize without Chemicals. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel (EXL option). Light, Compact, Easy to Ship and Handle.

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ XL-DER - High Temperature Stable EDI for Hemodialysis

XL-DER High Temperature Stable EDI Modules by Electropure products cover a range of flows from 50 l/h to 2.3 m3/hr, depending on the specific requirements of the customer. This product is optimized for preparing dialysate for hemodialysis centers. When operated in the specified manner, XL-DER™ can remove an additional 95% of endotoxins from RO permeate, making the dialysate even safer for patients.

SnowPure - Model Electropure™ XL-SR - Pharmaceutical Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

ELECTROPURE™ XL-SR modules are Electrodeionization (EDI) for Pharmaceutical applications used for producing high- resistivity USP Purified Water. They are configured to easily retrofit existing systems with added Electropure technology benefits, so the old troublesome Dow Omexell and GE E-Cell; CONCENTRATE RECIRCULATION IS ELIMINATED.

ExcellMembranes - High Technology Water Products

Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes™ products can be deployed across many markets and process applications.

SnowPure - Model Excellion™ - Ion-Exchange Membranes

SnowPure's Excellion ion-exchange membranes are uniquely designed for e-coat paints, electrodialysis (ED), electrochemical separations, deionization processes, and are used in SnowPure’s own electrodeionization (EDI) modules.

SnowPure - Model ExcellNano™ - Process Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes

SnowPure’s ExcellNano process nanofiltration (NF) membranes are uniquely designed for special process separations.

SnowPure - Model ExcellPureRO™ - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Elements

SnowPure's ExcellPureRO™ membranes are uniquely designed for high rejection of silica. Achieving low silica is important for many applications, including providing feedwater for electrodeionization (EDI) systems. We have matched these SXR™ membrane elements to specific Electropure™ EDI modules.

SnowPure - Model ExcellUltra™ - Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes

SnowPure’s ExcellUltra ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are uniquely designed for pretreatment of RO membranes, and for final filtration of ultrapure water.

Other Products from SnowPure Water Technologies

SnowPure offers OEMs a wide variety of other High Technology Water solutions.

SnowPure - Model ED - Electrodialysis

Electrodialysis (ED) is used around the globe in many industrial, laboratory and recycling environments. ED is an industrial membrane separation process in which ions are transported through ion- permeable membranes, from one stream to another, under the influence of a voltage potential gradient.

SnowPure Liqui-Cel - Model GTM - Gas Transfer Membranes

SnowPure’s partnership with Liqui-Cel Gas Transfer Membranes (GTM) Contactors provides a solution which is used worldwide in many industries. We offer an easy-to-operate, modular solution for degassing and removing CO2 from water without chemicals and without large vacuum towers or deaerators.

SnowPure - Model UV - Ultraviolet System

SnowPure provides a unique UV water treatment system that is the new standard for Microbial Disinfection, TOC Reduction (Total Organic Carbon) and Chlorine Removal. This patented product line utilizes a highly-reflective UV treatment chamber that maximizes the use of the ultraviolet light emitted, and saves 80-90% of the power required. UV technology is also a good pretreatment to Electrodeionization.

DemandPure™ - RO & EDI Systems

SnowPure has designed small RO + EDI systems for dealers to sell into the light industrial market. These help extend the companies selling range of existing DI bottle service by enabling the installation of a continuous electrodeionization module that requires much less maintainence.

SnowPure - Model DemandPure™ - Commercial EDI and RO Systems

SnowPure manufactures and sells pre-engineered, pre-assembled Commercial/Industrial EDI and RO systems to Qualified OEMs and Dealers for sale or lease to users. The SnowPure automatic and self-monitoring DemandPure EDI systems can be easily paired with our matching DemandPure RO systems. These DemandPure products replace Commercial & Industrial portable exchange DI, and provide a recurring revenue (BOO or BOT) solution to dealers, whenever an...

16 Products found
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