Since 1990 Soil-Therm has been specializing in the manufacture of custom environmental and emissions control equipment for a wide range of applications. Advanced emissions control systems feature SOIL-THERM`s patented direct fire Jet-THERM aerospace combustion process, achieving extremely high destruction efficiencies, maximum run time, chlorinated and VOC destruction with minimal maintenance. Our innovative designs coupled with our patented combustion technology results in smaller equipment sizes that bring you the greatest results.



SOIL-THERM EQUIPMENT, INC. has been supplying the industry with the finest remediation equipment since 1990, but the roots go back much further than that. Mark Sujata, Founder and President of SOIL-THERM EQUIPMENT, INC, has shaped the industry with their state of the art technologies for environmental applications. Soil-Therm Equipment has received numerous awards and earned 4 patents for their innovative burner designs developed over more than 20 years of combustion research.


Upon completion of degrees in Chemistry/Biology, and a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences, Mark landed a job overseeing the Environmental Compliance Program for The Marquardt Company, an aerospace company that developed advanced space and defense-related flight engines. In that role, Mark gained a working knowledge of every aspect of environmental compliance from water discharge to air quality, hazardous waste storage and disposal laws. Working closely with regulatory agencies on all waste minimization matters for the 55 acre facility, Mark achieved a 95% reduction in hazardous waste disposal costs within a 4 year period.

A transfer to the Aeropropulsion Group gave Mark the opportunity to work with world-renowned experts in high speed flight and advanced aerospace combustion. This group pioneered the aerospace industry with such Mach 4+ accomplishments as the design and development of ramjet engines for the SR-71 Blackbird engine, the Blackbird D-21 Drone, Advanced Strategic Air Launched Missile (ASALM, Mach 4+) and a Mach 8+ scramjet engine for the National Aerospace Plane project.


After 22+ years, SOIL-THERM continues to set new equipment standards for the remediation industry. We are proud of our small, powerful thermal systems and their origins. Our equipment has the cleanest emissions while providing the highest destruction efficiencies. Along with the finest burner technology in the industry, SOIL-THERM builds systems with high quality standards and the latest control technology into every system. Touchscreens with first out indication, operations and maintenance information, safety, troubleshooting, remote monitoring and control, and data-logging offers our customers equipment that is both versatile and powerful, yet small enough to fit almost anywhere.


Soil‐Therm Mobile‐Degasser System

SOIL‐THERM has designed, built, and demonstrated our newest Mobile‐DEGASSER systems at refineries in Texas. This system allows for the destruction of VOC emissions off the trucks when transferring liquids, as is commonly required in refineries and industrial cleanup operations. It also provides a high performance PD blower for drawing up to 700 cfm vapors for tank degassing operations. So much performance in a very small package!

Mini-ELECTRIC - Electric Oxidizer Systems

SOIL-THERM offers the above features on a smaller footprint with our Mini-ELECTRIC systems. A mere 5 ft by 5 ft., it comes with a Roots 56 positive displacement blower with 10 hp motor which is enclosed for sound attenuation, 24-30 kW heater, 60% efficiency heat exchanger, and can destroy extracted VOC’s from 0 to 25% LEL.



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Technology - Manufacturer

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Soil and Groundwater

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Nationally (across the country)

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