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SolAbility is a sustainability consultancy, providing ESG research to institutional investors and sustainable management strategy development to corporations. The SolAbility team consists of highly qualified consultants from diverse backgrounds, offering a rich blend of complementary skills and backgrounds. Two companies for which SolAbility has designed sustainability strategy and implementation roadmap have been recognised as DJSI global sustainable super-sector leaders in 2011, a recognition that only 19 out of the world's largest 2'500 companies receive.


Sustainability Assessment Services

The first step in order to enhance a company's performance is to understand the current standard in relation to sustainability issues and challenges specific to the company's business field. The output of the sustainability assessment serves as basis for future strategic decision making. SolAbility assists your company in analysing and evaluating current sustainability strategy, programmes and policies under economic, environmental, and social aspects.

Supply Chain Management Services

The final products and/or services depend on the quality and procured goods and services. In a changing business environment, no-financial indicators in the supply chain are becoming increasing part of the quality of the final products. Win-win partnerships with suppliers are key for future competitiveness. SolAbility can help your organisation to reach win-win relationships in the supply chain through. Developing of procurement guidelines & criteria. ...


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