204, Ilho Golden Tower 863-2, Janghang-Dong, Ilsan-Gu Goyang-SiGyeunggi-Do | South Korea

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SolAbility is a sustainability consultancy, providing ESG research to institutional investors and sustainable management strategy development to corporations. The SolAbility team consists of highly qualified consultants from diverse backgrounds, offering a rich blend of complementary skills and backgrounds. Two companies for which SolAbility has designed sustainability strategy and implementation roadmap have been recognised as DJSI global sustainable super-sector leaders in 2011, a recognition that only 19 out of the world's largest 2'500 companies receive.


Stakeholdr Engagement Services

The new business paradigm and societal changes require businesses to review their approach to non-financial stakeholders and the wider society, including NGOs and pressure groups. Pro-active engagement with stakeholders has two distinctive benefits: Minimizing future risks through open communication. Preserving reputation and public trust. Gaining additional strategic input. Stakeholders and their influence varies depending on the nature of the business ...

Social Philantrophy Services

Philanthropic activities, social responsibilities are considered essential part of a corporation, particularly in Korea .However ? allocating a budget to for social activities is not considered sufficient. SolAbility offers its experience to help manage companies their social activities to maximise benefits for both the society and the company. Services include Review of current social activities. Development of objectives, targets and strategy. Defining ...


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