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SolAbility is a sustainability consultancy, providing ESG research to institutional investors and sustainable management strategy development to corporations. The SolAbility team consists of highly qualified consultants from diverse backgrounds, offering a rich blend of complementary skills and backgrounds. Two companies for which SolAbility has designed sustainability strategy and implementation roadmap have been recognised as DJSI global sustainable super-sector leaders in 2011, a recognition that only 19 out of the world's largest 2'500 companies receive.


Supply Chain Management Services

The final products and/or services depend on the quality and procured goods and services. In a changing business environment, no-financial indicators in the supply chain are becoming increasing part of the quality of the final products. Win-win partnerships with suppliers are key for future competitiveness. SolAbility can help your organisation to reach win-win relationships in the supply chain through. Developing of procurement guidelines & criteria. ...

Shareholder Activism Services

Shareholder Activism in a concept that is finding more and more acceptance in the US and Europe . Based on the idea that shareholders ? as the owners of the company ? have a say in decision makings of a company, large investors force companies to incorporate management strategies based on sustainability. Empiric evidence shows that shareholder activism is adding value to a company through enforcing advanced risk management and incorporating future ...


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