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GaugerGSM - Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Remote Level Monitoring

GaugerGSM is an integration of an ultrasonic level sensor and GSM cellular transmitter. GaugerGSM is a solution for remote level monitoring applications such as underground city sewers, unattended diesel tanks at remote sites, rivers, waterways / water reservoirs, irrigation channels and grain silo farms. The sensor transmits data for each site and provides immediate alerts for special events such as floods, overflow, empty tank, low power supply,...

Open Channel Flow Monitoring

Level sensors for open channel flow measurement: Gauger, SmartScan50 and MonoScan all measure level in open channels and calculate flow. Level to Flow conversion equations for flumes and weirs are a part the firmware.

SmartScan - Model 50 - High Performance Ultrasonic Level Meter

4-wire device for continuous level measurement: Fits water, wastewater, petrochemical, chemical and food industries. Supports liquid targets, solids and Open Channel Flow applications. Certified for installation in hazardous (explosive) atmospheres. For use in process tanks, storage vessels and open-air piles.

SmartScan - Model 25 - Long Range Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Extended range applications - up to 40 meters / 131 ft. Best fit high process tanks, large storage vessels, for dust free Solids. Modbus (read only). Five independent SPDT relays. Embedded firmware for advanced calculations of volume and flow totalization.

Gauger - Model 485 - Level Meter With Direct Digital Connection To PC

An ultrasonic level meter with advanced features. Measured parameters include level, distance, volume and temperature. Gauger485 supports liquids and solid, closed tanks and open applications. Maximum range for liquids is 8 meters (26') and for solids is 6 meters (19'). The system exhibits a small dead zone of 15 cm (6”). Volume is reported in Liters (Gallons) for cubical and cylindrical tanks.

Model X1 PAK - EX Rated Battery Pack

X1PAK is a battery pack certified for use in hazardous locations where explosive atmosphere is present. The pack is designed to power external equipment in locations (such as sewers) where a remote power supply is not available.

SmartLite - Non-Contact Ultrasonic Continuous Level Measurement Of Liquids

SmartLite is a non contact, ultrasonic, continuous level measurement instrument that is able to provide accurate measurements for liquids while automatically compensating for changes in temperature and other environmental conditions. SmartLite is designed for applications such as process tanks, storage vessels, open air piles, and more. SmartLite is a four wire, low voltage device, and is available with a customized graphic LCD display. SmartLite has two...

MonoScan - Ultrasonic Level Meter

2-Wire Ultrasonic Level Meter - 15m (49') Range: MonoScan line of ultrasonic continuous level meters / gauges is an ideal solution for simple, direct installations with automatic compensation for temperature variations. The product is a 2-wire, cost effective mono-block design, featuring 4-20mA output for open applications and solids.

GaugerNET - GaugerNET - Web-Based Level Monitoring Solution

GaugerNET (*) Monitor your assets anywhere and anytime. (*) Track up-to-the-minute activity at each individual site. (*) Examine overall project performance and statistics. (*) Level, volume, quantity, temperature, events, location. (*) Overall inventory state, overflow sites, alerts. HIGHLIGHTS Graphic, table and map view of each site, select site and measurement: Level chart, Distance chart, Volume chart or Temperature chart ...

MicroScan - Ultrasonic Level Meter

The MicroScan, developed by Solid AT, is a low-cost ultrasonic, non-contact gauging device for level measurement of liquids and solids in ranges of up to 5 meters (16.5ft). MicroScan has 4-20mA measurement output and an optional on-board LCD display for constant view of measurement results. The MicroScan's flexible design supports various types of industry applications, offering ease of installation and automatic temperature compensation. Equipped with...

Water Reservoir & River Monitoring

Remote level monitoring and alerts for water tanks, rivers and reservoirs.

Remote Monitoring Of Ground Diesel Fuel Tank Level

Non-contact, continuous level sensor gauge with no-moving parts. Compact solution, simple to install, operate and maintain. Communicates using GSM cellular network, SMS or GPRS. Reports level, volume (liters/gallons) and temperature. Supports two temperature sensors for better accuracy. Inventory tracking, theft and refilling alerts. One size fits all tank shapes and dimensions. Open for third-party monitoring software. PC monitoring software included....

12 Products found
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