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Gauger - Model GSM - Ultrasonic Level Sensor

GaugerGSM is a sensor solution for remote level monitoring applications such as underground city sewers, unattended diesel tanks at remote sites, rivers, waterways / water reservoirs, irrigation channels and grain silo farms. The sensor measures and communicates periodic data from each site for long term and on-line monitoring. The sensor also transmits immediate alerts for events such...

Gauger - Model 485 - Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Gauger485 is a level sensor solution for applications interfacing external devices such as a radio modem, GPS receiver, multiple relay controller, WiFi converter, computing devices and many more. Gauger485 level sensors can also communicate with each other or with GaugerGSM for applications such as differential level measurement or adjacent multiple tank level measurements.  The use of serial character-based output is simple, reliable and more...

Gauger - Model 420 - Ultrasonic Level Sensor Transmitter

Gauger420 is a rich featured ultrasonic level sensor and level transmitter for liquid and bulk applications. A 2-wire, loop-power sensor featuring 4-20mA, HART and RS485. Gauger420 can track liquid targets rising as rapid as 10 meters per minute (33'/min)and exhibits an extremely short dead zone of 15cm (6').  Gauger420 can be applied to Level, Distance, Volume and Open Channel Flow (OCF) applications (flow and totalization). An EX Intrinsic Safe...

Gauger - Model GPS - Ultrasonic Level Sensor

GaugerGPS is a solution for sensing-in-motion. A typical application is the monitoring of diesel tanks on vehicular tankers. In this application GaugerGPS transmits periodic reports including LEVEL / VOLUME of Diesel (in liters or Gallons), LOCATION of tanker, and in addition: temperature, power supply status and cellular signal strength. GaugerGPS also transmits immediate alerts for specific predefined events.

SmartScan - Model 50 - High Performance Ultrasonic Level Meter

SmartScan50 is a two-part, 4-wire ultrasonic level sensor for continuous level measurement in challenging applications. The sensor measures up to 12 meters (39') with liquid targets. SmartScan50 is a perfect solution for pump control application, supporting five independent relays.

SmartScan - Model 25 - Long Range Ultrasonic Level Sensor

SmartScan25 is a two-part ultrasonic level sensor for long range applications. The standard model measures up to 25 meters (80') for liquid targets and an extended range model is capable of reaching 40 meters (130') range. SmartScan25 is also capable of measuring solids such as grains, poultry foods and some industrial primaries.

Gauger - Model BAT and PTS - Programmable Timer Switch/Barrier

GaugerBAT and PTS are accessories for: Low-power mode operation of GaugerGSM. ATEX/IECEx Intrinisc Safe operation of GaugerGSM in hazardous explosive areas

7 Products found
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