Vortisand by Neptune Benson (formerly Sonitec) is an industry leader in submicron sand filtration. Utilizing the innovative Vortisand technology, Vortisand filters are high performance automatic backwashable microsand filters which filter down to the submicron level. Vortisand filters excel within the pharmaceutical, petroleum refining, biotechnology, pulp & paper, automotive and general HVAC industries. The VORTISAND® filtration technology: provides sub micron filtration as low as 0.2 micron removal and our line of Membrane separation products: are used for many types of aqueous applications. The Vortisand® high-efficiency water filtration systems for the removal of suspended solids down to sub-micron range are easily installed and fully automatic. The very compact filters ensure a filtration that is 10 to 20 times finer than traditional sand filters. The performance of Vortisand® filters is due to a unique concept which ingeniously combines centrifugal separation and sand filtration.


Model AWT Serie - Side Stream

The most suitable VORTISAND® system will be chosen according to the tonnage of the refrigeration system, the circulation flow and/or the volume of water in the system. Other parameters such as temperature and maximum inlet pressure will also be considered.


Sonitec has developed and marketed a unique filter for polishing potable, process and wastewater. VORTISAND is a high performance automatic backwashable sand filter that ingeniously combines centrifugal separation and sand filtration in the same vessel. VORTISAND achieves very fine filtration (down to 0.45 micron) at high rate, using 80 to 90% less water for backwashing compared to traditional sand filters. VORTISAND provides a filtration 10 to 20 ...



AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition, FILTECH 2013, FILTECH 2015

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