SoundPLAN is the leading noise and air pollution planning and mapping software for 29 years. Use SoundPLAN to map and assess any transportation, industry or leisure noise. Use it for any size project with even the smallest version. Outstanding features include the cost/benefit capabilities for Wall Design and Expert System, extensive documentation features, and it is the only integrated suite of software that models interior noise levels, sound transmission through building walls and sound propagation into the environment. SoundPLAN’s famous graphics are both stunning and easy to use.

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SoundPLAN the market leader for noise modeling software

SoundPLAN is a software suite created by professionals in noise and air pollution engineering for professionals working with noise and air pollution scenarios. The software specializes in computer simulations of noise and air pollution situations. Noise modeling encompasses traffic noise, occupational noise indoors and outdoors, general industrial noise and aircraft noise. More than 50 calculation standards are implemented to satisfy the needs of noise control engineers worldwide. For air quality simulations, SoundPLAN has many different models, ranging from Gauss models to complex hydraulic flow and dispersion models.

The team behind SoundPLAN consists of dedicated software developers and consultants with backgrounds in software engineering, physics, engineering and geography. In order to hone the cutting edge skills in noise control and air pollution assessment, Braunstein + Berndt GmbH in Backnang, Germany, offer their consulting services in Germany and globally. The experience gained from the consulting group flows into the development of SoundPLAN. The software is tested on actual projects to ensure our product is truly at the front of noise and air pollution simulations. The quality of our product reflects this constant close loop cycle of consulting and development. Check it out for yourself!

SoundPLAN International LLC in Shelton, WA, USA, complements Braunstein + Berndt GmbH by offering pre-sales, sales and after sales-support and training for SoundPLAN software around the globe. SoundPLAN International LLC cooperates with more than 30 trading partners. Under Products/SoundPLAN/Trading partners, see how to contact the SoundPLAN specialist in your area.


  • Land Use Planning and Development
  • Air Quality Planning
  • Construction Development
  • Evaluation of hearing protection in the workplace
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Air & Noise Pollution Control
  • Research Projects
  • Planning Meetings, Public Inquiries


SoundPLAN Essential 3.0 Noise Modeling Software

SoundPLAN essential 3.0 is the single document application for environmental noise planning of roads, railways and industrial facilities. Create noise contour maps in cities and open environment from basic 3D geometry and some traffic information or sound power data. It was conceived with the occaisional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics and want results in the smallest amount of time with the maximum amount of ...

SoundPLAN, The Leading Noise Control and Noise Mapping Software For 29 Years

SoundPLAN is recognized as the leader in noise planning and mapping software with cutting edge noise control innovations, fast calculations and striking graphics, plus an entire suite of air pollution evaluation and mapping modules.


Noise Control Consulting Services In Germany And Worldwide

Braunstein + Berndt GmbH are also consultants for noise control, air pollution assessment, environmental assessment, traffic planning and software development.



Noise modeling for noise consulting

Noise planning that supports many governments and engineering associations worldwide. 


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Software vendor

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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration

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Globally (various continents)

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