Spectra Scientific, Inc provides you with a one stop source for your environmental equipment needs. We rent a wide variety of air and water quality instruments, sampling pumps, survey equipment etc. We only carry products we believe in, and as former field-techs and environmental scientists, you can be sure that we have extensive field experience ourselves. We treat our customers with integrity, honesty, and offer the best equipment and service available. Plain and simple.

About Us

Who We Are

Here at Spectra Scientific, Inc. we come from many different professional backgrounds. Some of us are technical experts with many years of experience in testing, repairing and building environmental monitoring and testing equipment, while others are former environmental consultants. We know first hand the obstacles field personnel face, their needs and where their priorities lie. Our knowledge and backgrounds allow us to offer true technical assistance, advice and recommendations.  

What We Do

We rent, repair and sell environmental and survey instrumentation and supplies. The majority of our clients are environmental consultants, surveyors and remediation professionals, so we know first hand that price is only part of the picture. If you can't rely on your equipment, then you could be losing thousands of dollars trying to get things up and running. That is why, when you rent from Spectra Scientific, you are not only getting an excellent price and convenience, you are getting quality equipment that is reliable in the field, and true technical assistance when you have a question.

Our service and repair department offers free estimates and one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. With our straight forward pricing, most of our repair estimates are below factory evaluation fees, and our extensive line of replacement parts are up to 50% less than OEM parts. We will repair most types of environmental and construction monitoring equipment on the market, even those we do not carry.

Spectra is also involved in the design and production of our own versions of environmental equipment. We offer these products for purchase or rental, and we're absolutely confident that our equipment has the quality and versatility to compete with any industry standard.  

If you can't find what you need for a particular project, call us, and Spectra can work with you to design, build, or research the best possible solution to your problem. 

We thank you for your patronage and allowing us to serve your needs!


Model 580B - Thermo

The standard workhorse of the Environmental industry. It is easy to calibrate and operate and can recall back-up calibrations for in-field convenience. It is tough and sturdy, and its boxy design allows the user to hold and operate the control buttons with the same hand. The instrument comes with a moisture filter, works well in hot temperatures, and holds its calibration well. Data logging can be displayed on the unit's screen or downloaded to a ...

Flame Ionization Monitors

For certain types of volatile compounds a Flame Ionization Detector (FID) may be more desirable. Since it utilizes a hydrogen flame instead of a light source it will detect straight-chain hydrocarbons (methane, octane, ethanol, etc.), much better than a PID would. An FID, however, will have trouble detecting chlorinated hydrocarbons.We carry the Photovac MicroFID. We can only say good things about it. We have found it to be a reliable, compact ...


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