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Splainex: industrial implementation of the efficient pyrolysis technology. Multiple references of commercial plants, some of them in operations for more than 20 years. The systems operating on industrial scale convert waste materials (plastics, tyres, municipal solid waste, etc) back into useful and lucrative products without adverse emissions, discharges, or negative effects on the environment. Capacities: max 250-300 tpd single line. If required, then single lines are combined reaching 500 tpd, 750 tpd, etc. Core business activities: - Waste-to-energy: pyrolysis and gasification installations as a waste recycling facility and source of fuel/energy for other facilities (desalination, electricity generation, incineration, etc) - Thermal pyrolytic treatment of the decontaminated soil (oil, organics, etc) - Pyrolysis installation for toxic/medicine waste disposal

About Us

Company Splainex was established in 1994 in the Dutch province of Flevoland, which is not far away from Amsterdam. Splainex's professionals have worked in business, government and public international agencies, in different countries, and in diverse cultures. They possess a combination of diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences.

Main areas of expertise of Splainex are process technology and optimization of industrial processes, business development, project management. Our core business - implementation of environmental friendly treatment of waste (pyrolysis and gasification) as source of green energy.


Continuous Pyrolysis

In Modular Pyrolysis Steam Cycle (MPSC) system waste is thermally degraded in a rotary kiln using an indirect, external source of heat, at temperatures of 400°–600°C in the absence of free oxygen supply. The volatile portion of the feedstock is thermally decomposed, producing syngas which is sent into a boiler, producing steam for power generation, with the flue gas treated in an emission control sub-system. Char from pyrolysis kiln is ...

Commercial Pyrolysis – Operating Modes

Pyrolysis plants can be designed to operate either in batch or continuous mode.

Company details

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Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

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