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Design and Construction of Tunnels

This work illustrates how the Analysis of Controlled Deformation in Rocks and Soils (ADECO-RS) is used in the design and the construction of tunnels.The ADECO-RS approach makes a clear distinction between the design and the construction stages and allows reliable forecasts of construction times and costs to be made. It uses the advance core (the core of ground ahead of the face) as a structural tool for the long and short term stabilisation of t

Emissions of Air Pollutants

Well founded and reliable emission data are necessary to implement strategies to investigate and control air pollution caused by the transport and chemical transformation of air pollutants. This book contains a wealth of new information that enables environmental scientists and authorities dealing with air pollution to design methods for measuring and modelling emission rates related to specific pollution sources, and thus to generate improved ...

HDPE Geomembranes in Geotechnics

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) geomembranes are nowadays widely used for large-area liners and construction sealings in geotechnical engineering. Lining of water ponds, dams and dykes, landfill base liners and cover systems, remediation of contaminated sites, waterproof for tunnels, beneath highways and for various other civil engineering constructions are a few examples of application. The book covers all aspects of the HDPE geomembrane ...

Numerical Simulation in Tunneling

The planned construction of traffic routes through the European Alps represents a challenge for science and technology. During the past decades, Austria has gained a leading position in the field of tunnelling. This has been verified by many successful projects all over the world, which have been realised with the well-known "New Austrian Tunnelling Method”. However, further development and economic success of modern tunnelling methods, which ar

Seismic Monitoring in Mines

The capability of modern seismic systems to monitor incremental coseismic stress and strain within a rockmass makes the early detection of instabilities a real possibility. The collection and interpretation of real-time seismic data is therefore of extreme importance in both underground and open-cast mining as well as in tunnelling. This book brings together an international team of geophysicists and geotechnical engineers to describe the ...

The Encyclopedia of Applied Geology

The Encyclopedia of Applied Geology is an international compendium of engineering geology topics prepared by experts from many countries. The volume contains more than eighty main entries in alphabetical order, dealing with hydrology, rock structure monitoring and soil mechanics in addition to engineering geology. Special topics focus on earth science information and sources, electrokinetics, forensic geology, geocryology, nuclear plant siting, ...

6 Books found
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