STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES is specialized in the manufacturing of HDPE and PP chemical products storage tanks, from 1 to 70 m3. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES is also specialized in the fully operationnal storage solutions. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES takes care of the engineering and provides continuous follow up of the implementation of adapted storage solutions in order to satisfy a growing concern environment protection. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES provides you with fully operationnal and secure storage systems in accordance with local standards. Using the winding process for the tanks manufacturing, STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES can be considered as a partner. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES analyses your needs, chooses materials as well as full equipments and does all the piping works.Products: HDPE and PP storage tanks, from 1 to 70 m3; HDPE and PP scubber towers; valve protection systems; pump protection systems; filling, storage and pumping systems; piping.Process: winding process.Services: engineering; working on the compliance with current storage standards.


Storage Tanks

Stockage & Systèmes is a leading reference brand in Europe in the design, manufacture, and installation of single-skin tanks (also called cisterns) or with retention (also called double-skin or double jacket tanks), in thermoplastic plastic materials (PEHD polyethylene or PPH polypropylene).

Tank And Retention Water Treatment Plant Pack

The range from 1 to 15 m3: 100% UV stabilized PEHD storage tank, made by plate polyfusion : 1 flat bottom, 1 conical dome, 1 Ø500 mm manhole, 1 DN100 Ø110 protected vent, 1 visual float gauge, 1 graduated ruler, 1 bistable contact inverter gauge (very high level), 1 PE/PVC DN50 Ø63 union tap on the dome (for filling), 1 DN50 Ø63 smooth tap on the dome (for suction), 4 handling eye mounts.


Pollutec Horizons 2011

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Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


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