STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES is specialized in the manufacturing of HDPE and PP chemical products storage tanks, from 1 to 70 m3. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES is also specialized in the fully operationnal storage solutions. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES takes care of the engineering and provides continuous follow up of the implementation of adapted storage solutions in order to satisfy a growing concern environment protection. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES provides you with fully operationnal and secure storage systems in accordance with local standards. Using the winding process for the tanks manufacturing, STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES can be considered as a partner. STOCKAGE & SYSTEMES analyses your needs, chooses materials as well as full equipments and does all the piping works.Products: HDPE and PP storage tanks, from 1 to 70 m3; HDPE and PP scubber towers; valve protection systems; pump protection systems; filling, storage and pumping systems; piping.Process: winding process.Services: engineering; working on the compliance with current storage standards.


Tank And Retention Water Treatment Plant Pack

The range from 1 to 15 m3: 100% UV stabilized PEHD storage tank, made by plate polyfusion : 1 flat bottom, 1 conical dome, 1 Ø500 mm manhole, 1 DN100 Ø110 protected vent, 1 visual float gauge, 1 graduated ruler, 1 bistable contact inverter gauge (very high level), 1 PE/PVC DN50 Ø63 union tap on the dome (for filling), 1 DN50 Ø63 smooth tap on the dome (for suction), 4 handling eye mounts.

Water Treatment Plant

An offering reserved for Water Treatment Plants. As its name indicate, the Water Treatment Plant PACK is reserved for players in water treatment: constructors of water treatment and purification plants, industrial effluent treatment companies, air treatment companies, research firms and integrators in environmental businesses. The Water Treatment Plant Pack offering integrates decanting, storage, retention, dosing, and personal protection functions. ...


Pollutec Horizons 2011

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Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


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