Clariant is an internationally active specialty chemical company, based in Muttenz near Basel. The group owns over 100 companies worldwide and employed 21 202 employees at the end of 2012. In the financial year 2012, Clariant produced a turnover of CHF 6 billion. Clariant is divided into seven business units: Additives; Catalysts; Function Minerals, Industrial & Consumer Specialties; Leather Services; Masterbatches; Oil & Mining Services; and Pigments.

Clariant Catalysts

Clariant Catalysts is one of the leading catalyst suppliers globally with a broad portfolio of products for many chemicals and fuels processes Our products enable the use of alternative raw materials – such as natural gas, coal, and biomass – as chemical and energy feedstocks, and are used to clean emissions for industrial processes and combustion engines to limit the impact on the environment.

Key Products:

  • Catalysts for the production of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, and synthetic natural gas, and for use in various alternative fuels production processes including gas-to-liquid (GTL) coal-to-liquid (CTL) and biomass-to-liquid (BTL).
  • Petrochemical catalysts for the production and purification of olefins and derivatives, aromatics and derivatives, and for the growing market of on-purpose production of propylene.
  • Oxidation and hydrogenation catalysts for production of many basic and specialty chemicals.
  • Catalysts for purifying industrial off-gas and removing pollutants from combustion engines.
  • Upgrading and purification catalysts for refinery processes, including hydrogen production, and isomerization and dewaxing to enhance the performance of gasoline and diesel.

Air Purification – Catalysts for Stationary and Mobile Emission Control


Air Purification group has been a leading supplier of EnviCat® catalysts for emission control since 1982. Its regional headquarters are in Germany, USA, Japan, India, and China, acting in a global coordinated R&D, production and service network.

EnviCat® Catalysts


EnviCat®-catalysts for off-gas purification are available as precious metal or non-precious metal catalysts. They can be supplied in bulk, on ceramic or metal honeycombs or in special forms.

Typical applications are industrial off-gas and engine exhaust. A broad range of oxidation catalysts and SCR-catalysts for various applications is available, making and conditions, making EnviCat® catalysts the first choice for engineering companies, system integrators, for catalyst refill, and retrofit demands.

Industrial off-gas purification

  • EnviCat® VOC for VOC and HC oxidation
  • EnviCat® CO for carbon monoxide oxidation
  • EnviCat® DOC as sulphur resistant catalysts for VOC and HC oxidation
  • EnviCat® N2O for decomposition of laughing gas
  • EnviCat® NOx Red: Fe-Zeolite catalysts for decomposition of nitrogen oxides
  • EnviCat® NOx Blue: Cu-Zeolite catalysts for decomposition of nitrogen oxides
  • EnviCat® NOx Yellow: Vanadia-tungsten-titania (VWT) catalysts for decomposition of nitrogen oxides
  • EnviCat® PTA for VOC and HC oxidation in PTA-plant exhaust systems
  • EnviCat® HHC for oxidation of halogenated hydrocarbons
  • EnviCat® HNO3 for purifying tail gas from nitric acid plants
  • EnviCat® SEMI for adsorbing toxic and corrosive gases from semiconductor plants
  • EnviCat® HO catalysts for hydrogen-oxygen recombination
  • Pro*RCO ceramic saddles for use in RCO plants
  • EnviCat® ECOLITH ceramic honeycombs for use in RCO plants


Emission control for mobile and stationary engines


Exhaust purification for stationary engines, gas turbines, off-road and on-road applications

  • Stationary Engines and Gas Turbines:
    Generator sets, gas compression, irrigation pumps, marine engines running on various fuels
  • Mobile Engines running on Diesel, CNG, LPG, Gasoline
    including 2&4-stroke small engines


  • EnviCat® TWC three-way catalysts for stoichiometric engines
  • EnviCat® Oxidation catalysts for gas engines and turbines
  • EnviCat® DOC diesel oxidation catalysts
  • EnviCat® cDPF catalytically-coated diesel particulate filters
  • EnviCat® SCR DeNOX catalysts for nitrogen oxide reduction, incl. urea hydrolysis and ammonia-blocking catalysts

Purification of technical gases, food-grade gases, smoke and odor elimination, ozone decomposition

  • EnviCat® OXO to remove H2/O2 from nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide; purification of carbon dioxide for foodstuffs
  • EnviCat® HC for removal of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide
  • ActiSorb® for removal of sulphurous compounds and odors
  • EnviCat® CF to eliminate odors and smoke at room temperature
  • EnviCat® O3 for ozone decomposition
  • EnviCat® LongLife plus for soot and carbon monoxide combustion in wood-stoves and home-appliances


  • Catalyst's Performance Design and Sample Testing
  • Activity testing
  • Cleaning and Rejuvenating
  • Recycling


Idodine Absorbtion in Nuclear Power Plants

For the removal of radioactive iodine in nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants there is a series of adsorber systems available, proven over decades. These are based on silver or potassium iodide, supported by acid resistant carriers.

Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) arise in many industrial processes, e.g. in association with the use and manufacture of solvents.


Catalyst Testing

Clariant is an industry expert in helping customers to achieve their emissions reductions goals and to determine their optimum operating parameters on-site. Our 20 years of experience in testing and characterizing catalyst samples allows us to give customer specific recommendations, through the use of extensive lab testing and simulation equipment.

Catalyst Cleaning and Rejuvenation

During a catalysts lifetime, the catalyst bed may be exposed to certain foreign elements that can inhibit its ability to achieve its maximum designed destruction efficiency. These elements may accumulate over time, and form weak or strong bonds with surface of the catalyst, blocking active metal sites. It may be possible to remove elemental contaminants such as alkaline earths, base metals, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur, improving activity by ...


The Air Element

Topics: Süd-Chemie in its Element: Air for life. New Research: Renewables on the rise. Biogas Plants: Maximum methane yield. Innovation: Air for fast results. Climate Protection: Catalysts for climate protection. Mobility: Strong and clean. Industrial Air Purification.

The Earth Element

Topics: Süd-Chemie in its Element: The earth’s treasure trove. Iron Ore Processing: From ore to steel. Coal Conversion: Coal’s comeback. Fertilizers: Energy for green fields. Major Projects: Deep into the Far East. Zeolites: Multi-talented minerals.


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Globally (various continents)

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