T.E. Toomey Co. Inc. a customer oriented company serving all of eastern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. T.E. Toomey Co. Inc. provides PVC & Polyethylene Pipe, Vitrified Clay, Flue Linings, Septic System Products, Sewage and Sump Pumps, Casting and Drainage Chamber Products.


CULTEC Recharger Plastic Stormwater Chambers

Dome-shaped, fully open bottom corrugated chambers with perforated sidewalls. The chambers allow stormwater to be stored within the dome void until it can infiltrate into the ground. They are able to be used for residential or commercial use. They free up land areas that would be required for open retention/detention ponds and puts the system underground (such as under parking areas). Water is infiltrated into the ground and replenishes the surrounding ...

CULTEC Stormfilter Stormwater Filter Chamber

A plastic chamber consisting of series of pass-thru filter frames to remove debris, silt and fines from stormwater. The Stormfilter® can be entered and serviced through a top access opening brought up to grade. It is a value-engineering option to more cost-prohibitive alternatives.

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