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Infrastructural Applications

Products that can be applied to roads, erosion prevention and landscape modelling.

TriAx geogrid

Tensar International has almost 30 years of experience in analysing and optimising the performance of geogrids. Drawing on this technical knowledge and expertise, Tensar has radically re-engineered the fundamental structure of geogrids to create a revolutionary new product. The TriAx geogrid is the culmination of this research and represents the future of geogrid technology, using one of the most stable forms - the triangular structure.

Tensar Mats to Control Soil Erosion

Tensar Mat is used to control soil erosion on slopes including those that are subjected to wave run-up or are intermittently wetted.

Tensar SS geogrids

Tensar SS geogrids are used for the reinforcement of soils and aggregates in construction of structures such as road pavements, working platforms and reinforced foundations.


Glasstex composite is particularly suitable for situations with sustained loading such as that caused by frost heave and soil swelling tension stresses, or by temperature induced joint movements.

AR-G - Composite

Tensar AR-G composite is suitable for increasing the fatigue life of pavements with weak foundations, reducing rutting and controlling reflective cracking.


Basetex geotextile is used for the reinforcement of soils in construction of structures such as embankments, fills supported by piles and fills placed over voids.

Tensar RE geogrids

Tensar RE geogrids are used for reinforcement of soils in construction of structures such as retaining walls, bridge abutments, steep slopes, slip repairs and geocell mattresses.

MESA Wall Systems

For over a decade, the Mesa Retaining Wall Systems have been the retaining wall solution of choice for both professionals and homeowners alike. The only single-source, segmental retaining wall (SRW) system with a proven, positive mechanical connection, the Mesa Systems offer a full line of superior and cost-effective products for all of your structural and landscaped retaining wall needs in the commercial, industrial, residential and transportation...

8 Products found
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