Terralink has been in business for over 10 years and is a leader in the hazardous waste management software business. Our Terralink Data eXchange (TDX) application features the ability to fully characterize waste streams, track inventory, generate reports for federal and state authorities, and print manifest, profiles, and labels to many different forms. Terralink Systems Inc. is the nation`s premier provider of software products and ASP Web solutions for companies that generate, handle, ship and store hazardous materials. Terralink`s proven Terralink Data eXchange line of management tools ensure regulatory compliance and minimize liability risk while streamlining paperwork and allowing for optimization of storage and delivery routes.

About us

The TDX product line makes manifests, inventory management and label printing consistent, quick, accurate and automatic. Terralink backs all of its products with industry-best implementation and integration, training and technical support. Terralink Systems' time-tested products help hazardous materials handlers better manage data, quality control, time, communication and budgets.

Our goal is simple. We provide our customers with proven software, educate them in the most effective manner possible and support the solution to:

  • Ensure an effective return on investment
  • Minimize the liability risk of hazardous waste management
  • Enable efficient communication between business partners and regulators
  • TDX is the cornerstone of the Terralink product series and is the best platform for forming a complete solution for waste generators, transporters and storage facilities.

TDX is the successor to Terralink's groundbreaking Cradle to Grave, the first commercially available Windows®-based product line for haz-waste management. TDX is designed to make profiling, manifesting and inventory management easy and automatic.

Not only does TDX make the fundamentals effective, it adds electronic communication innovations within TAXI, Select and Second Click. These unique features, coupled with the most extensive report library in the business, give our clients unparalleled management flexibility and immediate reduction in the costs associated with managing hazardous waste information.

We ensure that your installation is constantly updated with new regulatory information and that the latest improvements are instantly available to you. Plus, we offer extensive education and ongoing technical support to ensure that you are never more than a call away from maximizing the return on your investment.


Technical Support

Keeping our clients productive is one of our keys to success. Whether self-guided through our online help system or assisted by ourTechnical Support Team, Terralink Systems, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of technical support for our growing client base. In fact, it is our goal to follow up on all client support inquiries within one hour and to complete all resolvable client requests on the same business day.

Consulting Services

Terralink believes that successful implementation is the key to ensuring a successful relationship with our clients. Our client services team is committed to designing a comprehensive, customized plan that meets your company’s unique implementation requirements and schedule. Ultimately, successful integration of Terralink technologies into your workflow should mean bottom-line success for your business. Together, we will move your organization ...


TDX for Generators

Terralink is the first company to deliver Windows -based technology for hazardous waste information management. Terralink Data eXchange or TDX provides a platform for managing all your hazardous waste information needs, and gives you maximum flexibility for communications and growth - including options for using the Internet to communicate reliably between sites, and exchange information with business partners and regulators.


TDXLite shares some of the same robust technology as the full-featured TDX program at a budget minded cost. Search, sort and organize your manifests for easy retrieval and more. Print directly onto your hazardous and non-hazardous waste labels from information that was previously entered on your manifest. Utilizes a robust relational database capable of saving an unlimited number of documents, limited only by your hard drive space. DOT Hazardous ...



Terralink is committed to maximizing your organization's productivity through effective and efficient use of our software packages. By developing the technical skills of your employees, we improve the performance of both our software, and more importantly, your organization. To meet the increasing demands on our clients' time and budgets, Terralink offers an array of training programs designed to meet your specific needs.


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Software vendor

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Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste

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