CP Manufacturing has been the World Leader in Separation Technology for nearly 4 decades. We have been designing and building systems and equipment for the recycling and waste industries since 1977. Internationally, we have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 material recovery facilities. We are leading the industry in innovative material separation technology, recognized for our superior engineering, equipment innovation and durability. We pride ourselves on making you successful, offering continuous customer support no matter the scope of your project. If you are looking for a partner who can provide state-of-the-art, turn-key solutions for your material recovery facility, Trust the Leader.

About Us

The CP Group is a team of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of separation technology for the waste management and recycling industries. Under common ownership, the CP Group provides customers and partners with engineering expertise and superior support. The CP Group is a single resource for all waste management & recycling separation needs, from the tipping floor to baler storage area and everything in between. The CP Group is stronger than ever. When you go with one company, you get the power, support, and expertise of all four. The CP Group keeps the focus on customer needs and the evolution of resource recovery. So if you are looking for a partner who can provide state-of-the-art, turn-key solutions for your material recovery facility, trust the leader.

  • Custom Engineered Systems We work directly with you to build a system specific to your requirements and goals
  • Reliable Durability Our equipment is built to last and built to perform, time and time again
  • Highest Quality End Products Our patented technology increases your bottom line with the purest end-products
  • Ongoing After-Sale Support We are committed to your success and assure ongoing customer support
  • Superior Engineering Our engineers drive the industry with the most cutting-edge technology
  • Maximum Uptime Intelligent motor control systems paired with low maintenance ensures maximum uptime and throughput


Municipal Solid Waste Recycling

The CP Group is leading the industry in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling. With much of the industry heading towards MSW material mixes, we have stayed ahead of the technological curve to provide the most advanced systems and equipment to get the job done.

Recycling Sorting Systems

We have engineered, manufactured, and installed over 400 material recovery facilities (MRFs). We have equipment and separation systems on 6 continents. Not only do our systems provide the highest efficiency in producing marketable end-products, you also will experience minimized labor costs, maximized throughput, and conservation of energy with our intelligent motor control systems.


Customer Services

We are an organization well known for our superior Customer Service, our goal is to make our customers successful, doing whatever we can to ensure your success.  Every one of our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about our parts, equipment and other various components. With our extensive inventory, our Parts Department will provide you with replacement parts virtually overnight. Our Service Technicians will answer your questions, walk ...

Mechanical Engineering Services

Our experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff includes Project Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Designers. Proficient in AutoCAD and 3-D SolidWorks design, these dedicated and highly skilled professionals will provide you with the best design solutions to ensure that your recycling facilities are meeting the industry’s latest standards with state-of-the-art technology. Our Engineering Department will offer you its proven expertise in ...



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