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Odor Management At Composting Facilities

A new manual from BioCycle shows operators, managers and owners how to control odors at composting sites. Case studies in effective odor management; How people perceive odors; Odor management at compost facilities; Future directions.

Compost Facility Operator Manual

Newly released Compost Facility Operator Manual is a comprehensive and easy to use reference guide and training course text. From the core elements of composting to the intricacies of feedstock and materials handling, process and odor control and compost refinement, this Operator Manual should be in every facility manager and staff toolkit.Sections Include:Elements of CompostingFeedstock and Material Handlin

The Practical Guide To Compost Marketing And Sales, Second Edition

This full-color guide was created to train staff on the basics of compost marketing and sales as well as provide a step-by-step method of prospecting and managing sales leads. Its contents provide marketing insights and sales techniques for new, as well as veteran, compost sales staff. This second edition features "sales pitch" guidance by market segment and case studies.

3 Books found
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