The Wercs, Ltd. is a software development company located in NY that provides MSDS software tools and services to help organizations author, manage, and distribute Material Safety Data Sheets, Labels, and various documents required under OSHA, EU Directives, and other regulatory bodies worldwide. In addition to keeping compliant with regulations, The WERCS and its chemical industry executive clients are concerned with the health and safety of all employees, consumers, and employees of other business partners throughout the supply chain. Wercs provides advanced tools to assist companies in complying with EU`s REACH, as well as the new GHS standards. Wercs Professional Services (WPS) also provides outsourced services to assist companies in the creation of MSDSs compliant all around the world.

About Us


The Wercs provides software tools and services to help advance the health and safety of the environment in which we work and live. For more than 27 years, we have partnered with our clients to develop innovative solutions that go beyond global regulatory and sustainability compliance.

We serve our global clients through the following key areas:

  1. SDS Authoring Software and Services
  2. Retail Supplier Compliance
  3. Green Chemistry and Sustainability Solution

All of our products and services are the direct results of listening and helping our clients innovate. We are committed to helping you meet your goals.

The Wercs provides automated Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) authoring solutions for companies small and large, all around the globe.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping manufacturers improve business process efficiency through our suite of software tools.

The WERCS® global suite of authoring software offers the most advanced functionality to help businesses succeed in the international market place. With customers on every continent, we are the established global leader in providing software tools to advance global regulatory compliance. And, our worldwide support offices provide the local service needed for doing business on a global scale.

For more than 25 years, The Wercs has provided solutions to automate the authoring of MSDSs. No other vendor approaches our real-world implementation experience and our ability to offer a comprehensive yet flexible authoring solution to companies - regardless of size and geography. Our thousand plus, global user community serves as our strongest reference. This is why major ERP solution providers such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Adonix and Ross Systems have endorsed and partnered with The WERCS® as their preferred hazards communication module.

The WERCS® solution isn't just software – it represents people, experience and a 25 year commitment to advance global materials compliance. The culmination of The WERCS authoring suite represents the thoughts, wants and needs of numerous industries, hundreds of companies and thousand of users, worldwide. Innovations such as industry and customer specific rule-based automated authoring, ASP and hosting capabilities, as well as outsourced authoring services, all make it easier for you to stay compliant – regardless of size and geography.

Why use The Wercs?

We understand the creation, management, and distribution of MSDSs better than anyone in the industry. It has been and continues to be our main focus. Benefiting from the input of nearly 100 customers and more than 25 years of history, our products, services, and technologies are the most established and time-tested in the industry.

The Wercs is a Global, Proven and Scalable Partner that you will not outgrow

We understand the creation, management, and distribution of MSDSs better than anyone in the industry. It has been and continues to be our main focus. Benefiting from the input of over 200 customers and more than 25 years of history our products, services, and technologies are the most established and time-tested in the industry.



The Wercs provides more than just MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) authoring software – we provide tools, technology and services to improve your business processes. Through our regulatory compliant software, organizations gain efficiencies at multiple levels. Our SARA and VOC/HAPs reporting modules help to streamline environmental monitoring requirements. New chemical introductions are streamlined through our chemical approval process module. We can help manage all facets of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) management and distribution, including suppliers MSDSs. Our relationship with regulatory content providers ensures you are compliant to global regulations. The portability of our software enables us to author an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for you or integrate with your ERP for an end-to-end authoring, managing and distributing solution.


The Wercs takes pride in delivering innovative technologies to automate and integrate key processes to improve overall business efficiencies. Through sophisticated rules and algorithms as well as integration experience, we offer a cost-effective, long-term solution for managing global compliance.


The WERCS® is a fully automated authoring solution, with customization capabilities that allow you to create MSDSs specific to your industry. The WERCS platform empowers you to author, edit and update MSDSs seamlessly, thereby saving you time and money. Our solution provides comprehensive rules and rule writing capabilities, global regulatory content and advanced functionality, which together, help to automate the compliant MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) creation process.

Our Specific Automation Capabilities Include:

  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Region/ country specific templates
  • More than 1,000 industry/region rules
  • GHS/WHMIS/EU/R&S classification tools
  • Mass MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) updates
  • Industry, country, company-specific “Rules Drive” MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) creation


The key to any successful software implementation is the ability to integrate with other software. Our integration experience with all major ERP vendors allows us to easily plug into critical integration points.

The WERCS interfaces with the following modules:

Sales Orders - Unless otherwise requested, an updated MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) must ship with every single order. This makes an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) a necessary component of the product transaction. By integrating directly with the sales order module, an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is automatically distributed to the customer upon the placement of an order.

Formulation - As formulations change or new products are created, an updated MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) needs to be authored. By integrating directly to the formulation database, an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is automatically created based on the input material.

Inventory - Federal laws mandate that both the producer and the consumer of hazard chemicals report quantities and locations of those chemicals to their specific municipalities. By integrating with the inventory module, key reports such as SARA are automatically generated.

Other Integration Capabilities Include:

  • Transportation/Bill of Lading
  • Trem Card
  • Hazard labels
  • SAP, Oracle, Adonix, Cimpro, JDEdwards, PeopleSoft, Ross Systems and BPCS


We place a great emphasis on being on-time and on-budget for all implementations.

Our QuickStart implementation program is designed to help you quickly:

  1. Migrate you legacy data into The WERCS® application
  2. Update and configure this data using The WERCS® global regulatory content and automation modules
  3. Author and distribute industry-specific MSDSs and labels in more than 45 languages

Features Include:

  • Document Loader: Tool for the quick loading of legacy MSDSs into The WERCS® application,resulting in immediate web and sales-driven electronic distribution of MSDSs while affording the ability to shut down the legacy environment.
  • Chemical Library: Our chemical labeling software and CAS library, containing more than 3000 chemical CAS numbers, enables quick creation of finished good formulations.
  • Automation Rules: More than 1,000 standard rules are used to populate large portions of the MSDSs, automatically.
  • Standard ERP Interfaces: Out-of-the-box standard interfaces for integration with any ER


WERCS - Hazard Communication - Wercs Professional Services (WPS)

Wercs Professional Services (WPS) bridges the gap between your business needs and the growing challenges in materials compliance. WPS provides more than more than 27 years of global hazard communication experience and the latest technologies. We have an experienced professional staff of global industry experts to provide you with an outsourced solution for SDS authoring, managing, distributing, translating and much more.

WercsDTE - Data Transformation Engine for Hazard Communication

WercsDTE (Data Transformation Engine) is the latest advancement for efficient application integration to The WERCS complete chemical management and hazard communication software solution. DTE provides a simple and standardized interface management tool from The Wercs’ products and solutions to the customer’s various enterprise systems, such as ERP, formulation, labeling sales, etc. WercsDTE makes integration seamless and efficient, ...


Project Management Training

The Wercs is committed to on-time and on-budget implementations. Coupled with our complete commitment to effective project management, we take pride in our systematic approach to customer training. Classroom style instruction combined with hands-on examples ensures that our users get involved quickly in the learning process. To supplement the training effort, we offer complete user documentation as well as optional 'company-specific customized' ...


Project Management Services

Project Management is the management of expectations—the expectations of environmental health and safety, information technology, regulatory bodies and of the executive sponsor. Balancing the needs of each of these on time and on budget is no simple task. The Wercs translates these expectations into a clearly defined and documented set of requirements to be implemented within a realistic timeline. We provide the structure you need to make your ...

Compliance Management Professional Services

The value proposition for Wercs Professional Services (WPS) is simple: Peace of Mind. With our solid investment in certified professionals, infrastructure and an unwavering focus on service, we provide you with the opportunity to focus on your core business and leave materials compliance management to the experts at The Wercs.


REACH compliance

Capture, Analyze and Comply with REACH 1 2 3, a suite of software tools that can enable your organization to become REACH-compliant based on quantity triggers and defined time lines. This intutive software module and process helps organizations to easily:

SDS management

Our management tools go beyond just SDS management (also known as MSDS management). Whether it`s in-bound vendor SDS management, report creation and distribution or workflow management, we offer the functionality to streamline the hazard communications management process.


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Software vendor

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Health and Safety - Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance

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