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DEENA - Automated Sample Digestion System

DEENA, an automated sample digestion system, fully automates the sample preparation for EPA and other laboratory methods that use hot water baths or heated blocks. In metal and mercury analyses, manual sample preparation often consists of many steps that are labor-intensive and time-consuming. DEENA alleviates most of the manual sample preparation and reduces the errors associated with sample handling. DEENA has the necessary functionality to automate...

DEENA m - Compact Automated Sample Digestion System

The DEENA m is a compact version of DEENA with a smaller footprint and a sample capacity of 30. This is an option if you may not need a full rack of 60. It performs identically to the DEENA, following the same software and optional accessories and services, but it's an economical alternative if your lab has a smaller sample load.

SmartBlock - Coated Graphite Block Digestion System

The manual SmartBlock is a Teflon-coated graphite block digestion system. The Teflon protects the block from highly corrosive acids and other testable chemicals for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments. The SmartBlock accommodates standard flat-bottom digestion vials.

ERICA - Automated Reagent Delivery System

ERICA is an automated reagent delivery system that precisely automates the handling of hazardous chemicals. If our systems do not fulfill all of your requirements, contact us for custom-designed systems.

ERICA - Microwave Dispensive System

The Erica Microwave is a dispensing system for 100 ml microwave digestion tubes.

DEENA - Syringe Module

The Syringe module is an automated standards accessory that's capable of accommodating up to 6 standards. These standards may include check, calibration, and laboratory control standards, as well as spikes.

DEENA - Fume Hood

The DEENA fume hood includes a HEPA filter and duct tubing to connect to your laboratory's exhaust system. It allows you to place the DEENA system on a standard laboratory bench top while also allowing you to utilize your existing fume hoods.

7 Products found
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