For metals, plastics, paper or wood - TOMRA Sorting Solutions (TITECH) is a leading provider of sensor-based sorting systems, established in the market with over 25 recycling applications. To date, we count more than 4,000 TITECH sorters working successfully in 40 countries. Whatever you want to sort: Our know-how helps you to implement individual recycling solutions. All our infield specialists are experienced experts in the practical aspects of waste recycling and processing of raw materials. Moreover, TOMRA Sorting Solutions closely cooperates with leading plant builders.

About Us

TOMRA Sorting has pioneered the automation of waste sorting and is known as a global leader in this field. Founded in 1996, TOMRA Sorting has developed under its brand TITECH the world’s first NIR (Near InfraRed) sensor for waste sorting applications. With a strong focus on R&D (Research & Development), TITECH continues to spearhead the development of this market by offering cutting edge technology for the sorting of recyclables.

Today there are more than 4000 TITECH units in operation in 40 countries. Right from the start, TOMRA Sorting has invested substantial resources in developing sorting technology geared to the needs of a changing world. Waste handling is one of the most severe environmental issues facing our society, and TOMRA Sorting contributes to tackling this problem by fulfilling one of the most important steps in the recycling chain: providing pure fractions for material and energy recycling.

Why choose TOMRA Sorting?


TOMRA Sorting is the natural choice when it comes to optical sorting solutions. We have a global reach, which is unrivalled in our sector, and are always striving to improve our products and services.

TOMRA Sortin was established in 1996 under the name TITECH and has quickly become the market leader not only when it comes to sensor based sorting, but also on the whole waste collection and sorting process. We maintain our position by continuous investment in research and development to find new solutions to new sorting problems. TOMRA Sorting employs experts in each of their markets to ensure that you will always receive the best advice and the latest industry information.

We have a truly flexible product portfolio with machines that can be optimised for a number of different sorting tasks, so as your waste streams change. So does your TITECH machine. Our machines have fast become the first choice of plant builders across the world and we are proud to have strong relationships with many plant builders who know that TOMRA Sorting and TITECH is a name to trust.

We pride ourselves in building machines that are robust enough to cope with today’s sorting problems, but we also understand the importance of regular maintenance to optimise a machines performance and maximise profits for our customers. We have developed regular maintenance programmes and have a 24hr service hotline for our customers.

TOMRA Sorting is part of the TOMRA group based in Norway, a company which is financially stable and robust enough to cope through these uncertain times.

By choosing TOMRA Sorting you are making an investment for the future and selecting a partner who will keep your risks low and your profits high for years to come.


Established in Norway in 1996, TITECH was created as a result of an internal project at ELOPAK, a plastic-laminated beverage carton manufacturer. When this packaging type first appeared on the market, the Norwegian legislators stipulated that a means must be found to recover it from the waste stream. Consequently, optical technology based on NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy was developed for the first time to facilitate efficient waste sorting applications.

The sorting unit that was developed proved to be very successful and as a direct result of this success, TITECH was founded as a company in 1996. Since then, we have continuously developed a number of other unique sorting systems. This has meant that we have been able to adapt optical technology in a range of new applications and to enhance the performance of existing applications.

In 2002, we expanded our operations through the acquisition of Real Vision Systems GmbH, which also developed optical systems for waste sorting applications. Together, the two companies were able to utilize the most advanced technology to facilitate the efficient sorting of recyclables. This included combining spectroscopy and image analysis capabilities. Through this acquisition, we further reinforced our position as both market leader and pioneer in the industry.

Since 2004, TITECH has been a part of the TOMRA Group, which boasts more than 30 years of experience in the recycling industry. TOMRA has in excess of 50 000 reverse vending machines that efficiently collect and sort used beverage containers for further reuse or recycling in approximately 50 countries worldwide. Through being a part of the TOMRA Group, we have benefited by improving our financial base and gaining even greater experience in the recycling industry. As part of the brand integration TITECH was renamed as TOMRA Sorting Recycling.


TITECH - Model autosort - Multifunctional Sorting System

The TITECH autosort is a multifunctional sorting system to recover a wide range of pieces of material from different waste streams, single stream, packaging, paper, household waste and other sorting tasks looking for enhanced material information and color in combination.

TITECH - Model Finder - for high purity metal fractions separation

The TITECH finder is specialized to separate high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.


Packaging Sorting

Packaging waste is mostly made up of different polymers, beverage cartons, paper and glass. Depending on the country in question, different collection systems apply and the material will invariably arrive in different conditions to the MRF’s (Materials Recovery Facility). However, this does not present us with a problem. At TITECH, regardless of the collection system operated, we are able to optimally sort the valuable fractions with high efficiency and purity. We currently operate sorting units at packaging...


Repairs & Spare Parts Service

Things can sometimes go wrong, even in robust machines like TITECH sorting systems. Our service engineers will solve the problem – quickly, thoroughly and reliably. Wherever our services are needed, we have an extensive global service network with rapid reaction times. Our specialists can solve many problems straight away, thanks to our Remote Service. This saves time, money and reduces production losses to a minimum. Where repairs are needed on site, ...

Maintenance & Service

Regular maintenance means you are assured the highest performance from TITECH sorting systems - because you will only achieve optimum results in the long term if the technology is in top condition. Dirt, wear and damage lead to a decrease in sorting performance; and that cuts into your profits. It is therefore necessary to keep the output of your sorting system as high as possible and the leftover waste for disposal as low as possible. The best way to ...


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Globally (various continents)

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