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Wave Attenuator Systems

REDUCE THE WAVES AT YOUR MARINA If your facility is in an area subject to waves caused by winds and/or boat wakes, then we have three systems that can help prevent damage and injury caused by their actions.

Jet Filter System

The JET FILTER SYSTEM is the newest addition to the BLUE MARLIN line of filter systems. This new JET FILTER wick filter system was designed with our customers concerns of depth and protrusion in mind. The JET FILTER can be used for both new and retrofit applications in seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls and other erosion control structures.


Our new BoatFloat® automatic boat lift features innovative, patented state-of-the-art water hydraulic technology which uses a regular garden hose, and a pressure pump. Also the BoatFloat® features a stealth like appearance which makes it welcome at marinas, condos and yacht clubs.


TMP MARINE PRODUCTS is representing the 'JetSLIDE' PWC Docking Platform from CanDock. With the heavier 4-stroke , 3-seater and 4-seater PWC's becoming the norm, CanDock has introduced a wonderful piece of engineering - the 'JetSLIDE'. There is nothing on the market today so well suited for the 3 and 4 seater PWC's. After extensive testing, in very cold Canadian weather, and the attendant patent applications, the CanDock...

Fender Guard

TMP MARINE PRODUCTS can offer you a wide variety of fender guard products, some of which are listed here. Additional Models are available at the following menu items: DOCK & PILING BUMPERS, PRO-TEK 'Smart Fender', PORTABLE PILING FENDERS and TAYLOR MADE PRODUCTS. We have all types of fender products to fit your every need.In addition to the Dock and Piling Fenders, we also have Boat Fenders, Freedom Fenders and Dock Wheels. Contact TMP Marine...

Heavy Duty Bumper

This heavy duty bumper is 42' long 6' wide on top and 10' wide on the side and can be lag bolted to a dock. The high impact blow molded yellow bumper is made from high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors. The bumper can be cut into two -21' pieces if needed.

PERMAPORT - Pwc Docking System

Try our newest addition to the TMP Marine Products High Quality line of products - The PERMAPORT - PWC Docking SystemTMP Marine Products is proud to be offering the ALL NEW Permaport - PWC Docking System. As you know, all of the TMP Marine Products marine products are of the highest quality, and this means that our PERMAPORT PWC Docking System is also of the highest quality. The same technology that is used in our PERMAFLOAT Float Drums, now floats...

FOOTCUSH - Cushioned Boaters Deck Mats

'FOOTCUSH' Cushioned Boater's Deck Mats are a shock absorber for your whole body, while boating. Doctors recommend that by minimizing the excess impact, you can prevent potential pain and injuries to your knees, back and other major support areas. The line of FOOTCUSH Deck Mats is being represented and sold by TMP MARINE PRODUCTS.

8 Products found
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