Software for planning and scheduling sampling and monitoring. Provides a complete digital chain of custody for field work. Suitable for one-off sampling plans (e.g. remedial work) and regular interval sampling. Optimises work, spots missing samples, creates bottle labels and custody paperwork, re-assigns work, allows entry of field measurements / comments, estimates workload, produce invoices, pre-registers samples in a lab and exports to a data warehouse. Field data can be optionally entered in a PDA. TAPS Business Intelligence can be used to create a wide variety of graphical reports.

About Us

Trilogy provides software systems and services to help companies achieve a major increase in sales without increasing staff.

Trilogy often concentrates on the more complex and unusual aspects of business, particularly those giving our clients a strategic edge over their competitors.


At Trilogy we do not believe that our relationship with our customers ends when they purchase our products. Our systems are supported by extensive domain knowledge, which enables us to build the best solution to fit the individual needs of a company.

We are active in the whole system implementation cycle, from analysing initial business needs to providing end-user support and training. We create a working partnership with our customers, ensuring the final system is a complete and healthy fit to their established business practices.

Field Programme Management

Organising field sampling and monitoring programmes and analysing the result data carries a heavy administrative burden. There is legislative pressure driving more and more requirements on the environmental scientist to provide a traceable audit from the planning of collections to the reporting of result data.  Customers are demanding more immediate and detailed reporting. Consultants need to know how much a work parcel will cost them.

In response to this market trend, Trilogy has produced a software system that will organize a field programme and automate administrative tasks.


Chemical and Petrochemical Service

To ensure your operation complies with government environmental regulations, TAPS software will allow you to meet your obligations as well as optimize the efficiency of your environmental field staff. TAPS can be used for a single plant using the desktop version, up to multi-country, multi-site operations with the software delivered on an network.

Drinking Water Quality Compliance Service

Trilogy's quality compliance management system is designed to meet the sampling framework of the EU (European Union) Drinking Water Directive to ensure high drinking water quality standards. The system meets other international standards and is also employed in non-European countries such as the USA and South Africa.


STAR Sampler Time & Resources

STAR calculates the estimated time to complete a sampler’s field round and estimates if the work can be completed. TAPS holds the geographic position of each site in the database, the expected access time to enter a site, the route around the site for a specific sampler and the expected sampling time at each location. Information on the sampler or field staff is also held. This includes the start of day and end of day grid reference for the ...

TAPS Business Intelligence

If you need to investigate your sampling programme in detail or produce specialist reports in different formats for either your customers or management, then TAPS Business Intelligence can provide all the information you require quickly and efficiently. Utilizing the power of Business Objects reporting, the system supports simple-to-use ad hoc reporting and report formatting without the need to call on your IT department to design new reports. Along ...


ET 2010 (Environmental Technology 2010)

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