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Analytical Testing

UL microbiologists and chemists have been at the forefront of safety science for decades. Our analytical testing services help manufacturers and retailers confirm that products-from food and drugs to chemicals, household goods and toys-perform according to specifications and meet international standards.

Architectural Services

An important part of designing and building a safe, code compliant structure is specifying and utilizing equipment, materials, and assemblies that have been evaluated to nationally recognized safety standards.

Chemical Emissions Testing Services

As a global leader in the science of safety, UL evaluates products and materials to determine their impact on indoor air quality and, by extension, human health. Whether your products need to meet the emissions requirements of environmental certifications or regulations or you simply wish to have a better understanding of your products' potential impact on the indoor air for legal or risk assessment purposes, UL is your partner for developing...

Component Education Services

For over 100 years UL has provided technical expertise to manufacturers in 35 countries, so that they can build safer products for their customers. Through a combination of online training, books, safety videos, live Web-delivered programs and facilitated workshops, UL University now offers training solutions customized to fit your needs, whether your business is in the U.S., Brazil, China, or virtually anywhere else in the world.

Advisory Services

UL offers an array of advisory services that provide structure to manufacturers seeking a competitive advantage. These include accelerating product development, streamlined testing solutions and on-site testing laboratories, effective regulatory risk management, speed to global markets, and management system intelligence.

EMC services

Underwriters Laboratories developed turnkey emission software to serve two users -- test labs and manufacturers. For test labs, accuracy, completeness and flexibility are paramount. For manufacturers, evaluating several versions of a particular design is critical in finding the most cost-effective solution. UL's software performs a valuable function for EMC test engineers.

Global Field Services

The Underwriters Laboratories Global Field Services team performs various types of inspections and audits around the world. This highly skilled team is trained to perform services ranging from UL's Follow-Up Service inspections to customized inspection services incorporating management system audits for our customers.

Hazardous Locations Services

UL is not only the leader in product safety testing and certification within the United States, but UL's involvement in the testing and certification of hazardous location equipment is recognized and respected around the world. Our long history of addressing safety issues around hazardous locations equipment dates back to the first hazardous locations-related UL Standard published in 1930. Today, our international team helps speed turnaround time for...

Turnkey Delivery Services

Based on the specific needs of the customers, UL will handle the entire conformity assessment process and deliver the desired certification marks/certificates via the most effective paths. The turnkey delivery service may apply to mandatory or voluntary certifications such as: Mandatory regulations. CCC Mark (China). CE Marking (Europe). S Mark (Argentina). INMETRO Mark (Brazil). ANATEL Certification (Brazil). NOM Certification (Mexico). GOST-R...

Private Labeling & UL`s Multiple Listing Service

The concept of private labeling isn't a new one, but its appeal is stronger today than ever. UL's Multiple Listing Service makes it possible for a company to market its products to a wider audience and for private labelers to enjoy the advantages of UL certification for both the United States and Canada. The Multiple Listing Service is used when products certified by UL to U.S. and/or Canadian requirements for one company are produced for marketing...

Retail Services

With over a century of product compliance expertise, the UL Mark is one of the most widely trusted safety symbols in the world and communicates to your customers that you have gone the extra step to ensure product safety and care about the safety and quality of your products. Today, with a comprehensive retail service portfolio and UL's Global Retail Services Team at your fingertips, UL is more focused than ever on meeting the unique needs of the...

Verification Services

UL is not only a global leader in product safety testing and certification but UL's involvement in commercial testing, inspection, and audit work is recognized and respected around the world as well. Today, more than ever, successful companies are doing more with less time, less money, and fewer resources. It is a constant challenge to find cost effective ways to test and inspect products without compromising quality. Our full range of testing,...

12 Services found
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