UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resins and Adsorption Filter Equipment. 30 gallon drum up to 20,000 lbs capacity ASME code pressure vessels. TCLP analysis of spent Activated Carbons at cost. EPA Regulatory classification of. Reactivation of spent hazardous and non-hazardous Activated Carbons.

Application/Industries Served

Water and Wastewater

UMI-2000 supplies activated carbon and filter media change-outs anywhere in USA, Hawaii and Guam and Canada.  We specilize in odor control media for sewage treatment plants and vapor phase applications.


Cat-Ox 4mm pellet - High Hydrogen Sulfide capacity 4mm pellet activated carbon

81.5% Hydrogen Sulfide capacity - 18% higher than Midas OCM in the same application. Higher capacity than any commercially available H2S carbon including Odorcarb and Addsorb Sulfox-HC.

Krakatau - Model 4x8/8x30 - Enhanced Virgin High Activity Granular Activated Carbon

Virgin coconut shell granular activated carbon for all liquid and vapor phase adsorption applications, NSF 61 Certified and meets AWWA B604 Standard. A superior product to re-agglomerated bituminous coal based GAC. Higher surface area and greater capacity for trace contaminants. 10 fold improvement in bed life when used as a replacement for coal based carbon. 5 times longer time to breakthrough to odor threshold when adsorbing MIB. 30% improvement ...


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Water and Wastewater

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Internationally (various countries)

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less than 1,000,000 €


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