VRM is ambitious. We produce and offer only the very best materials. We really care about the environment. The product range of VRM includes all products for the environmental market. Ideally suited for any professional in the field of soil and groundwater management. Involved here are pipe systems for water management, power generation, earthworks, civil and hydraulic engineering or heat and cold storage. Areas in which VRM has been specialist for over a century.

About us

VRM is a solid and completely independent company. That has advantages:  a flat organization with short communication lines. The main activity is processing plastic pipe material.

For a perfect execution of this activity  we dispose of a unique machine park in which technology and experience have been brought together. Within our company we have the departments of production, logistics and sales. Because of our excellent accessibility WAVIN has a collection center on the VRM compound. VRM stock management takes place at two other locations.
Clarity, transparency and just do whatever you have to do. Without unnecessary frills. That’s what we like. That’s VRM.

The history of the present company dates back to around 1910. During all those years the company has seen a tremendous growth. Accents were changed and property changes, business politics and accommodation have led to the present identity. But despite the evolution of the company, the relationship with water remained. And in the course of the years specializations emerged.


All VRM products comply with the strictest quality criteria. Within VRM products are constantly tested against the applicable standards and regulations. That is what we stand for!

VRM disposes of all desired product and/or quality certificates within the range of delivered products. If a certificate is not available we have the product analyzed periodically by external independent bodies, of course in accordance with the applicable assessment guidelines.

The most recent quality documents and analysis reports are continuously published on this website. This way our customers can always dispose of the correct documentation and are sure they work with a reliable product. VRM is ISO certified for its business operations and quality management.


Emphasis on the environment is steadily increasing. Corporate Social Responsibility has become more and more important for companies and organizations.  Infrastructural projects are subject to environmental conditions. Government and industries work together in finding solutions for innovation and improvement.
VRM supports these ideas because we know how important they are. Our products and services range complies with all applicable requirements. We gladly take up the pioneer role in the development and production of new products or new ideas in research methods. We aim high and we like to keep it that way. Therefore we also play an active role within various advisory bodies and organizations determining the laws and regulations in the environmental and road/engineering sectors.

Company details

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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical

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Internationally (various countries)

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