VITO, the Flemish institute for technological research, is an independent research centre, a crossroads of knowledge where the latest technologies and practical applications meet. VITO conducts customer oriented contract research and develops innovative products and processes in the fields of energy, environment and materials, and this for both the public and the private sector. Central to all projects are protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable use of energy and raw materials, because we think that everyone, including those to come after us, has the right to a healthy living and working environment.



Nowadays efficient and rational energy use is of strategic importance. Saving energy also leads to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. VITO is the Flemish knowledge centre for new energy systems and technologies. Our independent experts are ideally placed to help you with your energy management, from an energy audit to feasibility studies and the realisation of projects. Furthermore, due to the policy support we provide for the Flemish and European ...


A high water bill, stricter standards, and increased environmental awareness within your company… These are good enough reasons to use water in a sustainable manner. For many years VITO has researched innovative techniques for water saving and purification. We also evaluate opportunities for recycling, fully closed cycles and the recuperation of valuable components from water flows. We analyse the technical and economic feasibility and anticipate ...


ACHEMA 2012, Pollutec Horizons 2011

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Research institute

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Air and Climate

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Internationally (various countries)

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