Waste water treatment for the automobile and transport industry. Also expert in water recycling equipment for washing processes. Carwash, truckwash, washequipment trains, busses etc.

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Waste water technologies a.k.a. Natuurbeton Milieu was founded in 1990. Our company is active on the European waste water treatment market. With products based upon local demands Natuurbeton Milieu posesses the key for tailor-made equipment for each and every type of waste water. Also www.wastewatertechnologies.eu is represented in many countries by specialists in waste water in every corner of Europe.

With certified products Natuurbeton Milieu will help you to handle your waste water in a responsible and environmental-friendly way.


Traeco Transportable Wash And Filling Station

The Traeco/Ecollector; Washing and filling up with gasoline on a transportable floor, island. When you don't have a place to wash your vehicles of fill up their tanks and you need such a location building one is a expensive projekt. The Waste water technologies 'Traeco/Ecollector' is a simple and fast sollution. On this fluid dense island you can wash, fill up with fuel or other fluids without the possibility to spill to the environment.

Grey Water Biological Recycling System

In washing-processes (shower, bath) a lot off water is consumed. Depending on the costs off drinkingwater and sewage-costs it could be interesting to recycle water. The choice on how to recycle the water a number off aspects are very important. Which pollutions are present in this waste water??. Which pollution has to be extracted and which pollutions can stay in the water and can go back in the washing process??. How much would grey water-equipment ...


Chemical Waste Water Treatment

The chemical waste water treatment uses flocculation and flotation-processes to absorb and filtrate pollution. These systems are differentiated by: High capacity, high performance, minimum demands for energy and maintenance, minimum demand for flocculation-chemicals, simple handling and simple maintenance, possibility for recycling waste water.

Biological Waste Water Treatment

Biological treatment is the most effective and oldest methode for cleaning industrial as well as domestic waste water. With the AQU-system this methode has been modified for recycling waste water coming from car wash- truck wash- en train- and metro wash-equipment.


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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

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Internationally (various countries)

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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

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