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Manure Pathogens: Manure Management, Regulations, and Water Quality Protection

Produced under the leadership of Dwight D. Bowman, M.S., Ph.D., this groundbreaking publication was developed by leading researchers in the health and environmental sciences fundamental to manure management and water quality protection. This first comprehensive work on manure pathogens details what pathogens are present in manure; what risks they may pose; and how manure can be stored, managed, and treated to reduce risks. The manual also prov

Handbook on Sediment Quality

This first-of-its kind handbook is designed for environmental scientists and engineers dealing with water quality issues in water, wastewater or industrial treatment operations. Thoroughly addresses sorption processes, bioavailability, sediment collection and assessment techniques, toxicity testing, advantages and disadvantages of chemical sediment quality guidelines, and sediment quality modeling. This timely resource provides you with the kn

2 Books found
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