Watercare Systems Ltd. is a Co the standards required for the purpose required. Watercare puts a strong emphasis on water quality science, safety and simplicity, for ease of use. All the company`s water treatment installations meet the current regulatory standards and they liaise with the regulatory bodies for domestic and industrial water use. Watercare can carry out water catchment investigations, source selection and protection, water quality assessment and advise, design and install a treatment system to suit your needs.


Roadside Dosing System

Simple to Install, Simple to Operate.The dosing system will treat up to 10 megalitres of water a day.The dosing rate is Time Proportional Controlled or Flow Proportional Controlled when used with a standard flow meter.Selecting the desired chemical dose with a single dial is the only operational adjustment necessary.The DC powered system requires a battery, solar panel, wind turbine or mains electricity.This system is supplied in a secure 'roadside' ...

Rain Water Harvesting System

Rainstar is a system that will collect rain water from your roof. It then filters the water to drinking standards.This potable water can then be used as you would your mains supply.The savings can be substantial over a twelve-month period. Rainstar is effective, even if you have your own private water source, as it can supplement your spring, well or borehole supply. This unit can be mains or solar powered.


Consultancy Training

Both batch-scheduled and single-sampling programmes are available and carried out by Watercare qualified samplers to water industry standards. In-house basic analysis is carried out by our qualified chemists with full report interpretation and advice. rocess Optimization – Risk Assessment – Process Design.



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