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Waterra - Groundwater Filters

Waterra currently has two Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter options available — the high turbidity FHT-45 and the NEW medium turbidity FMT-45. Recently, we've added a 0.2 micron filter to our product line as well — the CAP300X2.  All three filter types attach easily to a variety of pumps, tubing, and other sampling devices such as our Clear PVC Ecobailer or the Eco-Pro Bigmouth Bailers. All Waterra Inline Disposable Micron Filters...

Model WS - Water Level Sensors

The Waterra WS Water Level Sensors are advanced products utilizing the most recent electronic technology. These sensors have been designed to offer the user the best features available at an affordable price.

Oil/Water Interface Sensors

The Waterra HS Oil/Water Interface Sensors represent some of the most advanced technology available today for hydrocarbon product layer measurement. These devices utilize sophisticated ultrasonic sensors to help define the product layer. Tests have shown that these sensors are more sensitive in a broader range of hydrocarbon products than conventional optical systems.

HydraSleeve - Groundwater Sampler

Waterra introduces the HydraSleeve — a new way to collect discrete interval samples. With no need to purge or dispose of purge water, this groundwater sampler reduces your costs by saving time.

Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailer

The Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailer is an eco-friendly product that is as heavy (or heavier) than conventional weighted bailers without the addition of bulky and costly weights. A better weight distribution allows the Waterra Clear PVC EcoBailer to sink straighter and the efficient valve design makes it the fastest sinking bailer available.

Locking Well Caps

Waterra stocks two different types of locking environmental wells caps. Both of these devices have a number of unique features that customers find useful and convenient. The EcoPlug™ offers affordability with a more conventional design, but includes the largest sealing gasket of any plug available. The Enviro Cap™ is unique with its internal, magnetically engaged locking system — making it particularly difficult to tamper with....

Inertial Pumps

The Waterra Inertial Pump was developed in Canada in the 1980's when it was realized that the was a demand for an efficient, reliable and inexpensive pump suitable for purging and sampling groundwater monitoring wells. The Waterra Inertial pump embodies all three of these characteristics. It's simplicity has allowed it to be adapted to a wide variety of sizes, making it suitable for numerous applications. It will also perform well in harsh environments that would ruin other more expensive pumps

Manual & Automated Pump Actuators: Hydrolift-2

The Hydrolift-2 is a portable, electrically operated device that is used to automate the operation of the Inertial Pump. The Hydrolift is powered by a 3/4 horsepower electric motor (available in either 110 volt or 220 volt) and generates a 4 inch stroke at up to 200 cycles per minute. The Hydrolift II weighs only 35 pounds and requires an electrical power supply of at least 1000 watts. This actuator is optimized to operate with the Standard Flow System...

Manual & Automated Pump Actuators: Lever Pump

The Waterra Lever Pump was designed to provide operators with a convenient, portable mechanism which would provide some mechanical advantage when manually operating the Inertial Pump as well as facilitating the collection of samples with this system. This actuator will fasten onto most above ground well completions quickly and easily. The tubing clamp is designed to accept both Standard Flow and High Flow tubing and the handle is adjustable in order...

Model 3 - Portable Actuator Waterra Powerlift

The New Waterra PowerLift-3 is a powerful portable actuator with the durability of the Waterra Power Pump-2's mechanism and the light weight of the Hydrolift-2's motor, gear and control. The Waterra PowerLift-3 can operate the inertial pumping system in almost any well system, speeding up purging and sampling, saving time and money.

Manual & Automated Pump Actuators: PowerPack-PP1

The Waterra PowerPack PP1 provides the mechanical actuation for pumping with inertial pumps to depths of over 60m, in a fully portable, single operator power unit. At 13 kg, the PowerPack PP1 provides outstanding pumping performance. The PP1 is powerful enough to lift water from over 60m depth using the Standard Flow System, and is so compact that it fits onto a back-pack frame. The PowerPack PP1 incorporates clamps for Waterra High Flow and Standard...

PowerPump - Model 2 - Manual & Automated Pump Actuators

The Waterra PowerPump-2 is the most powerful pump actuator manufactured by Waterra. A Honda GX100, 3 horsepower, 4 stroke, gasoline motor powers this device. This actuator generates a 6 inch stroke and can operate both the Standard Flow System and High Flow System to their maximum effective depths. The PowerPump 2 weighs 70 pounds and usually requires two people to carry it. This actuator is an excellent choice for those with extreme pumping...

Model D-32 - Plastic Valve

The High Flow System is designed to be used in 2 inch wells or larger where a high pumping rate is desired or where very deep wells are encountered. This system is also an excellent well development tool in 2 inch piezometers. Consisting of a High Flow valve, either the 1.25' OD, acetal plastic D-32 or the stainless steel SS-32 and a length of 1' OD high density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing, the High Flow system can provide lift of up to 250-300 feet in...

Model D-13 - Plastic Valve

The Low Flow System is designed to be used in small diameter piezometers (usually 1.5' ID to 0.75' ID). It can provide flow rates of up to 1/2 gallon per minute and can lift water from up to 100 feet. This system consists of a low flow valve, either the acetal plastic D-13 foot valve or the stainless steel SS-13 foot valve and HDPE, LDPE or FEP (Teflon) tubing.

Model SS-10 - Stainless Steel Valve

The Micro Flow System is popular for use in direct push technology micro well installations and multi-level installations. The SS-10 foot valve can deliver a sample from as deep as 75 feet and flow rates with this system are usually less than 1/2 gallon per minute.

Tubing: HDPE / LDPE

High Density Tubing provides the best performance in deeper monitoring wells because of it's rigidity. This tubing will also stretch less in deeper monitoring wells making it more efficient. High Density Polyethylene also provides a stronger valve-tubing connection, especially with the male threaded valves, because it is stiffer and gives less when the valve is threaded into the tubing.

Tubing: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a soft and flexible polymer with excellent physical properties,making it a good alternative for silicone tubing in peristaltic pumps. Waterra stocks tubing sizes L/S 15 and L/S 24 for use in the Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump.

Tubing: FEP

FEP is one of three different types of of Teflon manufactured by Dupont and is the best choice of material for use in tubing. It is a chemically-inert, temperature and chemically resistant tubing product that, with good transparency and weatherability.

Waterra Valve Wrench

The Waterra Valve Wrench is a handy tool which helps ensure that your foot valve is properly installed on the pump tubing. The Waterra Inertial Pump can develop considerable pressure and by attaching your valves with the valve wrench you can be sure that they are properly connected.

Tools & Accessories: Tubing Cutter

The Waterra Tubing Cutter is a safe and efficient way to cut tubing. The durable Teflon coated blade slices through HDPE tubing cleanly and easily.

Standard Flow 2 Surge Block

The Waterra Surge Block is an excellent well development tool. It simply press fits over the body of the Standard Flow or High Flow foot valve (D-25 or D-32). The inertial pump has a substantial capacity for developing monitoring wells because of the cyclical action of the valve in the well screen area. This characteristic can be utilized to remove silt and sediment that has accumulated in the foot of the monitoring well and can also be used to remove...

Model D-25 - Plastic Valve

This is the standard valve component for the Waterra Standard Flow inertial pump. Simply screw this valve on to the base of our 5/8' Waterra HDPE tubing and you have a fully functional inertial pump. Material: Delrin, Maximum Depth: 150', Tubing Size: 5/8' OD.

Model D-16 - Plastic Valve

This is the standard valve component for the Waterra Standard Flow inertial pump. Simply screw this valve on to the base of our 5/8' Waterra HDPE tubing and you have a fully functional inertial pump. Minimum well diameter: 1'

22 Products found
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