All building modeling and simulation systems require local weather history and climate data to complete their analysis. The better the climate data, the more complete the history, and the more local to the site of interest – the more accurate the results. Whether you are an architect, engineer, construction manager or utilities manager, Weather Analytics is able to help you find the data you need for accurate and precise energy modeling with 33 years of statistically-stable historical data, current conditions and hourly seven-day forecasts for anywhere in the world. With data for the variables you need – such as complete solar radiation – we’ve developed on-demand energy modeling solutions so that you can simply download the data and plug it into your system. Weather Analytics has already found, aggregated, cleansed and formatted the data for you.

About Weather Analytics

Precise Global Intelligence

Weather Analytics helps organizations around the world:

  • Forecast weather impact and weather risk
  • Model and manage energy use and production
  • Score and map risk exposure
  • Create environmental safety measures
  • Discover energy-efficient engineering solutions

We find, assemble, format and translate weather data so that you don’t have to

Our climate data is delivered in easily accessible formats and impact indices that allow customers to focus their efforts on solving business problems versus aggregating, cleansing and interpreting data from raw sources, which offer very limited value on their own.

We answer global weather intelligence questions

Weather Analytics provides statistically stable climate and forecast data formed by an extensive collection of historical, current and forecasted weather content, coupled with proprietary analytics methodologies. In addition, Weather Analytics offers more than 580 weather variables (such as air temperature, wind speed and solar radiation) for enhanced weather intelligence and risk mitigation.

We provide the historical climate data you need

Weather Analytics has amassed more than 50 times the global historical weather data than any other source or provider in the world.

We deliver weather intelligence with:

  • Complete global geographic coverage
  • 33 years of gap-free history
  • Easy accessibility via the web
  • Precise hourly seven-day forecasts

Success Stories

Weather Analytics was founded in Boston in 2005 by meteorologist John Keller, Ph.D. The idea of creating a business for solving complex weather-related problems grew out of a real life request. John was asked to predict when the coastal fog would clear at the San Francisco International Airport to enable the departure of inbound flights. John and his associates then created a system for accurately predicting coastal fog burn-off hours ahead. The system they created was accurate within minutes using the best available data, numerical techniques and on-site sensor readings.

Since then, Weather Analytics has been delivering weather intelligence to customers across the globe – helping them to solve complex weather-related problems.

Partner Opportunities

Weather Analytics offers precise, solution-ready weather and climate data designed to support systems and devices.

Our global collection of historical, current and forecasted weather conditions serves partners needing weather intelligence in applications ranging from insurance to engineering to energy management. Our solutions lend themselves to product enhancement and solution development by directly impacting risk management and smarter, faster decision-making through a powerful API and web services interface.

By partnering with Weather Analytics, you can:

  • Add value to your current offerings through enhanced climate profiles
  • Enhance strategic customer relationships with our gap-free 33 years of historical trends
  • Build a scalable, recurring revenue stream through subscription-based forecast solutions
  • Provide your clients with global on demand impact analytics and intelligence

Our valued partners include systems integrators, resellers, value added resellers and development partners. We offer customizable options for partners and will discuss the risks and rewards of each so that your company can make informed decisions about the type of services and solutions that best match up with your business model.

  • Systems Integrators: provide skilled services to manage, build and deploy solutions incorporating Weather Analytics data in order to enhance their capabilities.
  • Resellers: their expertise in key markets, combined with our expansive data collection, results in stronger customer relationships and enhanced revenue opportunities.
  • Value Added Resellers: resell our Weather Analytics data by incorporating it into their products – adding more value for their customers.
  • Development Partners: enable interoperability between our products in support of particular customers, or for the purpose of jointly pursuing customers whose needs can be met with an integrated solution.


Offering data for quantifiying & profilling weather-related risks for engineering, architectural & constructions markets

Weather Analytics is the best single source of data used for quantifying and profiling weather-related risks for the engineering, architectural and construction markets. We provide global geographic coverage and easy access to comprehensive climate intelligence, including on demand Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) and Actual Meteorological Year (AMY) climate files for simulation and modeling.

On-demand property and casualty weather solutions for insurance sector

Weather Analytics provides on-demand property and casualty weather solutions. Weather Analytics is a breakthrough provider of solution-ready climate data for the property and casualty insurance sector. We deliver hard-to-find historical and predictive weather solutions with 33 years of geo-stable weather data. Accurate, on-demand, localized climate and weather data can reduce the time spent on finding and processing this data while improving accuracy in assessing potential weather impacts on your coverage areas...


Simulation & Modeling Files

Weather Analytics provides Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) and Actual Meteorological Year (AMY) files for building simulation and energy modeling – for locations worldwide.

Weather Variables

Weather Analytics updates the historical, current and forecasted weather conditions available on our website hourly with dozens of popular weather variables. Whether you are an energy modeler looking for solar radiation and humidity data, or a logistics route planner looking for rain and wind data, Weather Analytics is the source for global weather intelligence – offering more climate variables on-demand than any other provider.


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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring

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