Manufacturer of customized windbreak systems for fugitive dust & erosion control, agricultural crop shelter, debris & garbage collection, and pond wave turbulence control. Wind shelter fences 3ft to 100ft high. Fugitive dust reduction effectiveness analyses available.

About Us

WeatherSolve Structures Inc. are specialist designers and manufacturers of industrial, recreational, and agricultural environment control structures. Their designs have been tested world-wide in extremes such as Hurricane Andrew, (Florida 1992), South Pacific cyclones, and in the South American Andes (at 16,000 ft). The total area covered is about 1,000 acres.


WeatherSolve has grown from the amalgamation of the work of two other companies, UltraSpan Structures Inc. and MRDesign Ltd. It was incorporated in November 2006.

MRDesign Ltd was a specialist porous fabric design company based in New Zealand. Design Engineer Mike Robinson developed a number of innovative structural systems including the systems that would eventually become the basic building blocks for Ultra Span Structures.

Ultra Span Structures Inc., was formed in 1986 by Industrial Engineer and fabric manufacturer Barry Causton. The company was based in Miami, Florida where the focus was shadehouses for nurseries and windbreaks for Carembola.

The guiding philosophy was to produce quality structures capable of withstanding hurricane winds, with open interiors that delivered the environment required by the client.

The defining moment for the company came in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew's 200+ mph winds roared across South Florida. Hundreds of acres of Ultra Span's windbreaks and shadehouses were in the path of the hurricane. Encouragingly, though those that received the full force of the storm were severely damaged, Ultra Span structures stood out as virtually the only fabric structures left standing.

In 1996, the Company was shifted to Surrey, BC, Canada, and the focus expanded to include industrial and recreational, as well as agricultural, protection structures.

With the change to WeatherSolve in 2006, the offices were shifted to Aldergrove BC.

The Ultra Span System

The Ultra Span System is a way of connecting panels of usually porous fabric to highly tensed steel cables that is both reliable and strong. The steel cables can span large distances (the “Ultra Span”) allowing the supports to be positioned out of the way. Fewer supports are also more economical in many situations.


Car Shade and Industrial Applications

Purpose: Provides shade and temperature control. Provides protection from birds. Provides hail protection. Stops material from being blown around by wind.

Swivel Retractable System

The swivel system is designed to be quickly converted from wide to narrow and back again. This allows flexibility for (for example) only deploying it when hail storms threaten. The canopy is converted from wide to narrow and back again by pulling on each end. A row 1000ft (300m) long is swivelled in a couple of minutes ! Note how the fabric pulls up tight and out of the way in the process of swivelling. The picture below shows the swivelling ...


Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Year Founded:


1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


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