Cheapest Wind Turbine generator Kits on the market today,also solar panels and other renewable energy products,turbines from 200w to 20kw battery or grid connect


Wireless Weather Station

This weather station utilises wireless technology to provide easy-to-install outdoor measurements, together with indoor features such as: Wind speed, Wind direction , Outdoor humidity, Outdoor temperature, Indoor temperature, Indoor humidity, Pressure, Time.

1.08kW MCS Approved Grid-Tie Solar PV System

This kit contains virtually everything required to install a 1.08kW grid-tie PV system. This kit contains the following items: 6 x 180W Photovoltaic Solar Panel, 1 x SB1200 SunnyBoy Grid Tie Inverter, 4 x PV Rail 4m, 12 x PV Tile Fix Kit (Please specify your roof tile type when ordering), 8 x PV Interclamp 50, 8 x PV Endclamp 50, 2 x MC4 Cable 2m, 1 x 16A DC Isolator, 1 x 20A AC Isolator, 30m PV Cable, 1 x Generation Meter.

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Energy - Renewable Energy

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Globally (various continents)


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