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Solar Hot Water Kit 4720

The kit comprises of the following: 20 tube 47mm vacuum tube solar panel - manifold type (SFB20-47). Roof mounting kit. S1 Pump Station. TDC3 solar controller with digital temperature display. DuoSolar 16x10m. 12l Expansion Vessel. Mounting Bracket. Connection Pipe. 5l Antifreeze. 2 x SolarDek Roof Flashings. 2 x DuoFit. 2 x 20mm Comression Elbows.

300W (24V) - Wind Turbine

The 300W wind turbine is supplied as a complete kit. To install this unit you will also need a set of deep cycle batteries, an inverter and a diversion load controller (we can provide all or any as required - see Other Products.You will also need cement for the foundations. The following items make up the 300W Wind Turbine kit: 3 section tower, labelled upper, middle and lower, each 1.3m long. Tail-section, including 6 bolts for fin. 3 blades. 3 ...

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