The Woelfel group consists of three companies with more than 80 employees, providing demanding solutions in vibrations and acoustics. Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure (`consulting engineers`), the engineering service company with intersectoral competence and experience when it comes to questions of mechanics, dynamics and acoustics. Wölfel Meßsysteme · Software (`measuring systems and software`), the technology company, developing and distributing high-level software- and hardware-products in the field of vibrations, noise and immission control. Wölfel as a highly specialized, innovative SME not only relies on complementing products of other enterprises, but also on the cooperation with international sales partners. In the meantime we are being supported by sales partners in 18 countries all over the world.

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Woelfel Group
The Woelfel group consists of two companies with more than 70 employees, providing demanding solutions in vibrations and acoustics:

  • Wölfel Meßsysteme · Software ('measuring systems and software'), the technology company, developing and distributing high-level software- and hardware-products in the field of vibrations, noise and immission control.
  • Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure ('consulting engineers'), the engineering service company with intersectoral competence and experience when it comes to questions of mechanics, dynamics and acoustics.

Project Work

Customized Solutions
Our engineering service and development projects present customized solutions tailored to your needs, so that you will not have to settle for standard-solutions. Generally, the projects are prepared and co-ordinated in the course of personal discussions between your and our teams of experts.

Efficiency, Promptness and Cost Control
Our highly skilled and professional staff members - who are known for their personal willingness and devotedness and their ability to encapsulate technical questions - present our main resources and allow for the most efficient processing of your projects, which in turn saves time and money.

Depending on the type of the project and according to your wishes our partnership can be designed in form of a

  • package on a fixed price basis
  • framework offer
  • development partnership.

Thus, it is guaranteed that you always obtain the optimum solution - also from a financial point of view.

State-of-the-Art Project Communication
In order to configure co-operation processes most efficiently we have prepared a Web Conference application by means of which your and our experts can discuss and co-ordinate even the most complex matters on the screen. This saves travel expenditure, but is as efficient as a face-to-face conference.

  • Your advantage: No expenses for you. All you need is a telephone and an internet browser.
  • Your access to our Web Conference System:


IMMI - Aircraft Noise Mapping Software

The noise level at a given receiver induced by starting and landing aircraft is a function not only of the general laws of noise propagation but also of the model of aircraft, e.g. its weight, size, motor, speed and so on. Furthermore, the starting or landing direction of the aircraft is of great importance.  IMMI, which is field-proven by several hundred users world-wide, helps in managing this complex task by providing acoustics calculation ...

HyperSizer - Finite-Element and Optimization Software

Lightweight structures and composite materials are increasingly gaining importance with regard to the reduction of loads acting on structural components, the energy consumption and the pollutants emission. Owing to diverse constructive lightweight design concepts and to the versatility of composites structural components can be ideally adapted to their requirements and particular purposes. This requires, however, the analysis of endless variants; for ...


ADD.Pipe - Piping Vibrations System

Conventional methods for the reduction of vibrations in piping systems often require a rather intense intervention in the piping system, causing high effort in terms of construction, time and money. In order to circumvent the problems mentioned above, Wölfel developed the ADD.Pipe®, an Active Pipe Vibration Absorber, which strongly reduces pipe vibrations in a broad frequency range. The ADD.Pipe® („ADD“ ...

Wireless Measuring System

Wind turbines are built on more and more locations – which makes an issue out of noise emission. The international standard IEC 61400-11 and the German “Technische Richtlinie für Windenergieanlagen, Teil 1” of the FGW were set up to unify the evaluation of noise emission. Measurement of noise emission according to these standards is linked to formidable challenges – particularly for the ...


IMMI Air Pollution Training

The basic training that is presented on this page is targeted towards new users of IMMI. This training helps in developing a confidence in using IMMI in projects. Advanced training 'air-pollution': Advanced trainings can be arranged on demand. Advanced trainings are targeted towards specific user needs and require a certain level of acquaintance with IMMI. Advanced trainings do not follow fixed structures but are tailored towards the needs and specific ...

IMMI Aircraft Noise Training

The trainig course concentrates on the specific features of IMMI for aircraft noise mapping. The course covers every aspect from data input to export / print-out of final results. Due to the specific nature of the geometry of flight paths, the changes in noise emission of the moving source, the large variation in noise sources (i.e. the large number of aircraft operated on airports) and the long distances that must be taken into consideration, aircraft ...


IMMI Service and Support

Take advantage of the favorable conditions and services supplied within our maintenance contracts. These maintenance contracts cover: Automatic shipping of all updates during the covered period. Telephone hotline, provided by our team of experts. Error correction even after the expiration of the warranty period of 6 months.



Noise monitoring for field technicians

With Noisy, field technicians and practitioners have an efficient and easy-to-use software at their fingerprints that offers various rating options for their measurements


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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration

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