Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Marin County, Northern California, XC2 Software is a leading company serving water and wastewater utilities with industry specific applications: Backflow Prevention, FOG Software, Hydrant Flow Testing Software, Meter Testing Software. We continue to expand nationwide as well as into Canada, Europe, and serving needs of water utility service on military bases around the world. We continue to enhance, improve and expand our product line as well as investing in better ways to serve our customers.

Our Mission is to provide superior, industry specific products and responsive, friendly support to our customers so that they may be most effective in their work to provide clean safe drinking water and related services to the public.

Water/Wastewater Solutions. We develop, market, install, support and provide on-site and remote training for a growing range of applications specific to water and wastewater utilities, e.g. backflow prevention, grease abatement programs, hydrant testing and flushing, meter testing, valve exercising, etc. More than just software, these innovative, engineered and specific applications support our customers in their devoted effort to provide clean safe water, reclaimed water and wastewater collection services to the public.

Customer Support. Our dedicated and devoted staff will always be there when you need us. From the beginning of your investigation process to installation, implementation, training and support of your day-to-day activities. We are here to train and support your staff as well as enhance and improve existing products and develop new, much needed program specific applications to make your job easier, more efficient and more effective.


Valve Exercising and Maintenance Software

Water purveyors and industrial facilities have hundreds or thousands of valves which must be exercised on a regular basis or get rusted in place. It is one of those jobs that falls into the important but totally non-urgent category and could easily be lost in the business of up-front demands. The XC2 Valve Exercising and Maintenance Module quietly does an important job. The program holds details about each valve; it's size, make, model, purchase date ...

Meter Testing and Maintenance Software

Schedule maintenance and testing of large and small meters. Track the complete history and costs from purchase to replacement. Record accuracy tests at different flow rates & pressures. Maintain records of repairs done and replacements made. Report any aspect or status of your program. Remote/Field Data Entry and Synchronization with: XC2 DataSynchPro - Remote Data Entry/Synchronization - LAN/Wireless/Internet.

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Software vendor

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Water and Wastewater

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Nationally (across the country)

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